Karl Marx Theory on Labor and Economy

Published: 2021-07-06 06:37:52
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Economic TheoryOverviewAt first Karl Marx, in his labor theory of value, suggest that prices can change from their value for a while. Marxist also claim there is a connection between industrial workers and economic crises. Lack of solvent consumers and consumption can at times give rise to the financial crisis. Before consuming a commodity, a person has to pay for it, as business owners aim to make profits and this is their world. Employees in a company receive very little pay after a product sales and crisis will reduce when their salary is reasonable. Karl Marx claim crisis in the capitalist economy is due to struggle of workers to improve their working conditions. Workers fighting separately within an organization or company may lead to adverse consequences. Industrial strike due to salary increment make prices of commodities to increase thus making consumers pay an extra dollar for purchase. Despite adverse effects of the industrial attack, workers should always fight for their rights. (Reid, 2015).Strikes enact change thus preventing crimes. Study of state crimes, cause and spotting a criminal in Soviet power, concentrates criminal investigation, courts and prosecutors office. Employees and practitioners study various types of crime and criminals in institutions such as criminological rooms and clinics, medical, judicial and correctional labor. Types of crimes and criminal studies are on empirical, statistical and clinical material basis. Scientific development of crime is over, and department nature of the crime is minimal. A small portion of legal research institution in the country recognizes crime investigation, and criminological problems begin in law schools. Karl Marx is a philosopher and an economist back in 19th century (1818-1883). The subject of Marx study is a sphere of production and calls all economic relations productive. Methods of Marx are based on his theory of historical materialism, which is: set of social ties known as the social formation. Social links are determined through productive forces or technology development level, and politics and culture are superstructures on a basis. Economy nature determination is through technology and economy is a character of all other social relations. (Becker, 2017).ReviewKarl Marx theory on labor and economy is evident, as currently strike many all across the continent as worker demand better remunerations and other working conditions. The standard of living continues to increase making products prices to go high. As economic standard rise, employees should offer employees better salaries. Marx says if organization are on the same page with workers a country will avert a financial crisis, which is true, as strikes deteriorate economy. If workers stick production of goods and services stops, every day a company is not running is a loss on the side of government, employee and business owners (Negishi, 2014). Technology boost the economy as services offering is efficient, fast and new machines speed up the production process. Salaries and allowances are an expense to a company, and thus their increase leads to increase in prices of commodities in the market. High product prices make some loyal customers shift to a more affordable merchandise or service. Employees at times commit crimes during strike like property destruction, and they should be educated about the consequences, by Karl Marx. Criminal are taken to court for a hearing, and if found guilty by the judge during the trial they pay fines or serve time in prison. Judges are well educated about criminology which makes them best people to determine a person is guilty or innocent. Politics and culture can at times swing economy status on a negative side. A country with stable policies, its level of the economy is right which contribute to rising in people’s living standard. (Reid, 2015).Part 2How Economic Theory Impact a Person Decision to Commit a CrimePeople commit crime due to issues they are experiencing in life which are affecting their lives negatively. When a person salary is little, for example, an accountant, he may try to falsify books of account to scoop some money for himself. He gets extra money on top of his salary to make ends meet thus living a good life. To him, he feels less guilty as he thinks he has a right to better conditions as an employee. Most companies hire external auditors who analysis the books of accounts, finding irregularities in the financial statement (Negishi, 2014). Through workers strike as Karl Marx indicate, embezzling is eradicated. Eventually the accountant losses his job due to embezzlement inclusive of jail term or pay hefty fines. He shames his family and friends which makes many people desert him in the hour of need. Embezzling company money makes other company not trust a person thus denying him a good position despite being highly qualified. A decision to steal company’s money can lead to closure, due to a shortage of funds to run daily operations and pay workersIf prices of commodities increase low income earning people, fails to afford necessities, thus leading to increase in shoplifting cases. If a person can’t provide his needs, to him the only way he can survive is through stealing. Deterioration of economy gives rise to many criminals, which offers business owners a hard time as gangs may rob from his store at any time. Some of these gangs own guns, and they will kill a person if he fails to meet their demands. In unstable economy homicide case are very many which makes people migrate to other peaceful countries. Lack of money also causes people to rob people walking on the streets and rob inside banks. A criminal may at times die in the police shout out when he refuses to surrender, leading to loss of life.Senior officials in government take an opportunity of economic crises to enrich themselves thus making taxpayers money go to waste. In an emergency, developments are minimal as leaders only think of themselves. Economy downfall makes a currency lose its value, meaning the enormous amount of money purchases minimal goods and services. Government stability or decision either contribute positively or contrary to the status of an economy. Countries which are always at war, their economy is weak. Leaders take citizens properties by force like Biafra in Nigeria. Politics can destabilize a country in a big way.When an economy is miserable a lot of people with false business comes up to corn money out of civilians pockets. Information technology professions come up with programs to hack people’s bank accounts thus taking their money. Cyber criminals also come up with virus programs which corrupt data of prominent companies, thus leading to losses (Wortley & Townsley, 2016). Recently cyber-attacks has increased showing how people desperately need money to survive. Business corn needs cash to buy necessities and survival, thus taking advantage of desperate citizens and without knowledge. Currently, job opportunities have decreased, making people come up with false vacancies. People give bribes to secure a job, to feed his family and also cater for daily expenses. To con’s obtaining money from people is a job opportunity as the money pays for children fee, rent, and daily costNowadays, streets have many beggars’ (children and adults) where most of them pretend to have ailment thus making people contribute money to them. Pretending to be ill makes they get a lot of money. Some parents push their kids to borrow money on the street just because they are unemployed. Civilians feel pity for both street children and sick people.Effects of Criminal Behavior on SocietyCriminals terrorize a community, and they make people live in fear. Crimes cause a society to have a lousy name thus isolation from other people. Criminals bring tears in society as in the process they might get killed. A nation with offenders lacks leaders for tomorrow, especially if many criminals are children. Corrupt and selfish leaders who secure a prominent position in government and communities forget about their citizens thus leading to poverty in societies. Debt makes it difficult to get medication and food thus people deaths. Crimes make it difficult for people to establish business due to fear of being robbed, making the economic status of a community to remain poor. (Wortley & Townsley, 2016)RecommendationsTo eradicate industrial strikes and criminals, company managers, need to listen to workers complain through holding frequent meetings. Salaries should always be paid on time to prevent employees from becoming fed up thus strikes. Managers should establish good relations with workers to know their plans. A company should increase employees’ salaries as the standard of living rises. If companies sales increase and profit obtained is good they should reward their workers and hold parties for them as to get motivated. An employer should offer a promotion to workers who have stayed with the company for long and have good performance record. Political leaders should settle their difference in a harmonious way for a country’s sake. Leaders should do everything in their power to ensure a country has peace and business environment is conducive. Entrepreneurs should come up with more companies to provide every job seeker with a position thus reducing crime rates. Parents and society should bring up their children through religion to ensure when life becomes difficult in future; they stay on a right path. Trade unions should be established so as for cite for workers plights and prevent exploitation of employees.ReferencesBecker, G. S. (2017). Economic theory. Routledge.Negishi, T. (2014). History of economic theory (Vol. 26). Elsevier.Reid, S. T. (2015). Crime and criminology. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business.Wortley, R., & Townsley, M. (Eds.). (2016). Environmental criminology and crime analysis (Vol. 18). Taylor & Francis.

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