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Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:39
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I know you might feel lazy on most occasions. Ideally, being lazy is relative, and a person might not be lazy at a particular instance. People are not lazy in all cases and, there is need to understand the aspect that makes a person lazy in a given situation. People have different values and assuming certain things make them out of our values. The life of every person will always take care of various aspects of life, and the main ones include the mental, spiritual, social, financial as well as family affairs. At any given instance, people tend to satisfy these needs. Most people tend to have a different understanding of being lazy and will associate with the opposite of laziness in most occasions. That thwarts the element of laziness and simply outline the possibility of failing to execute a given action at a certain instance.Everyone becomes lazy at a certain instance. Ideally, it arises when a person is not feeling to execute a certain action that fails to conform to their demands at such an instance. The demand can as well change based on various instances. People have different realities and that banks on the experience as well as the knowledge area. It is imperative to have a way of merging the different realities to avoid conflict. Everyone is likely to set a goal at one point in their lives. How many of people make such goals a reality? The question is comprehensive enough. Ideally. Every goal should alight with a person’s core values. Failure to create such an alignment is the leading cause of conflict regarding goal alignment (Mednick et al. 37). It is imperative to have goals that align with the core values of an individual at any given instance. That will make it possible to focus on the set goals. Most people don’t understand their values, and that makes them lost on most occasion. As a consequence, it is imperative to have a look at the value determination process and get to understand the kind of person you are at such an instance before having a positive impact on life.Taking action is the most critical instance in the lives of the individual. It is imperative to ensure that the goals align with the needs to remain relevant on most occasions. In the process, there is need to understand the ground in which a person stands and ensure the growth is progressive. It is possible to build the future based on the location at such an instance. IN most occasion, people fail to associate with their core values and instead bank on the values of others around them. No one is lazy. Ideally, people are just taking actions in areas that they don’t find preferable. The cost-benefit analysis is such an imperative step that everybody should embrace while taking action.In conclusion, it is imperative to have value determination and ensure the set goals are in line with the core values in most occasion. That is the first instance to eliminate any aspect of the conflict that can arise. It is key to appreciate the set goals and ensure that they add value to the lives of individuals in most occasion (Mendick et al. 39). It is within every person’s domain to make plans. However, few individuals are willing to take action for their plans. That is the main cause of laziness. People should always understand their core values and make plans based on the ultimate goals.Works CitedMendick, Heather, Kim Allen, and Laura Harvey. “‘We can get everything we want if we try hard’: young people, celebrity, hard work.” British Journal of Educational Studies 63.2 (2015): 1-178.

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