Letter from Birmingham

Published: 2021-07-06 06:41:13
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Reflecting on the letter from Birmingham city jail, the king uses the imagery so that he can capture on injustice to the people who are suffering. In this case, he is giving an address to a letter which was written by the eight clergymen in Birmingham (King Jr, Martin Luther 74). In this letter, the clergy protest against the king demonstrations launched in Birmingham without even mentioning the name of the king. The fact the clergy were against the segregation they gave favor to the patient justice served.The king applies metaphors sound in protests of the idea which for the awaiting justice for the promotion of the active way of peaceful protest. In the letter, it is written: “It was just four years since I have heard about the fact of the word “wait!” this always I think it means never. ‘Justice is too much delayed. Justice denied.” (King Jr, Martin Luther 79). It is metaphor sound through which the word wait is representative of never to happen. Wait represented as ringing sound and piercing.The king is creating kind of sound imagery by have the relationship of how the world “wait” is agonized and become African American. It is very imagery based on the fact that it the world wait is spoken and the piercing sound heard. The king uses this word to assert that it now the good time for the African American to fight for their justice. The king uses the metaphor when he says, “vicious mobs lynch your fathers and mothers at will.”The structure and language used in this letter make it so compelling and persuasive. The figurative language used basically brings the idea of exposing the truth without any fear or hiding of the concept. By application and interpretation of the symbolic language, the fact told in the letter. The letter structured in such a way that there are stressed words which brings out the idea of what is happening and what is it aimed. “The nation of Asia and Africa are moving with jet-like speed toward the gaining of the political independence.”In this thesis, the king tries to explain the fact that the there is still a room for the creep to slow the racial progress in America (King Jr, Martin Luther 80-81). In his explanation, he gives the truth on how America is behind by having the ethnic vice as compared to other white Americans which understand this fact.“Injustice anywhere is a huge threat to the justice everywhere.”In this fact, the king reflected the fact that made him come to Birmingham only because there was injustice and therefore he wanted to attack the same. He shows much of the protest against the systematic way of segregation (King Jr, Martin Luther 86). It explained in the letter from the white clergy which expresses very serious agitate which is always against the American racism. Work citedKing Jr, Martin Luther. “Letter from Birmingham city jail.” Civil disobedience in focus. Routledge, 2002. 74-90. 

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