Listening and Leadership

Published: 2021-07-06 06:47:27
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The leadership communication practices a complete range of the communication skills. This skill also overwhelmed the interferences and assists to create or deliver the message. This is assessed that the leaders also dedicate forty five percent of his or her communication period in shape of listening. Moreover, the role of listening, some individuals are skilled in growth of the listening skills. The leadership and the decision making are an art of this skill (Scarnati, 1997). Leaders must pursue first to comprehend and after this to be understood (Covey). Most of the leaders do not try to listen the other’s ideas, problems. Most of the leaders just develop and make the decisions for the corporations and adopt the centralization method for the corporation progress. Several leaders are examples of don’t listening their subordinates problems and this is the dilemma which creates the listening problems for the leaders. After the evaluations of the thousands of the leaders in the database of CCL’s shows that several leaders also have the needs of growth and development which directly link to their skills of listening like dealing the people’s emotions, feelings and values or accepting the criticism as well. In this way, listening is the main part of the leadership skill for creating and delivering the message. We also know about the term leadership and it’s a behavior of a single person that directing the actions of a group to shared objective. Many leaders develop their selves for handling the other multinational corporations in the different field through this skill. Several leaders migrated their selves from one industry to another industry which has different in nature of work, nature of environment, nature of competition on the basis of this skill.Industries also get advantages like recruitment of experienced leaders that helps in competition. There are many examples regarding cross industry migration of leaders. Many leaders are also working in different industries. If we see their background history, we realized that these leaders have different industries experience which is not the same nature of work but they made their personalities through the development of interpersonal skills in which importantly the communication skills. At this level leader generate its own capability to understand the others emotions, feeling and values, understand the working condition and empower the lower level management to participate in the decision making of the business and also creates skills in its own self to manage different kinds of work at different level in short time for the purpose of leading the industry throughout competition. In recent era, leadership is the much important in several organizations.The leaders generate the occasions to develop the relationships built on the listening. The listening is the multi-dimensional concept that demands further addition among the studies of the leadership. Listening deserves appreciation to be deliberate as significant communication skill because by the help of this study effective and efficient leader are created in the various corporations of the world for the sake of success. Several corporations also built their own leaders for the purpose of global level leadership. These corporations provide the all development courses to its employees for sake of enhancing the communication capabilities because they face many problems while achieving the corporation’s goals. Leaders work in cross industrial process is very popular now and industries are focusing on to developing the global leader to achieving the corporation’s goal and objective. Global leaders also focused on several things because of they do not lead a one company, they lead an industry at one time in which these corporations trained the persons through training and development program and through conduction of workshop for the growth of their communication skills.Previous work shows that the listening influences the leadership and make an effective leader (Ames, 2012). General Electric is the big example of leadership. General Electric develops the leaders as Chief Executive Officers. General Electric initiates the corporate learning programs, which are executed in Croton Ville, New York. In this way, the today and tomorrow mission of General Electric for global leader to inspire, develop and connect the leaders. General Electrics also focuses on to do a good job among people who came through in Croton Ville classes; there is a big multiplier effect. These personalities after developing itself help to other persons who could not come in Croton Ville classes. This is very meaning full objective of General Electric for development of global leaders (Leadership Program).In the other side of the same skill are the poor listening capabilities which lead the corporations toward the failure. Workers, employees, colleagues reports and describe the poor listeners on different ways to satisfy their personalities because several leaders want the autocratic leadership, they don’t want to make and create a friendship environment. In this environment they don’t listen and create the problem in their leadership styles. So, the listening skill is much important than the other skills because it is the ability and essential part of the leadership. Most leaders understand this necessity to be the good listeners. Through the learning behaviors and skills of an active listening, every leader can become the more efficient and effective leader and listener first. To be a strong and good leader, be a good listener first then we can create more influence in the other corporations of the world. We can also use an active listening skill with the peers, bosses, customers, direct reports, stakeholders, shareholders and others.

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