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Published: 2021-07-06 06:40:10
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Literature is defined as a body of written works and consists of all the imaginative works such as prose and poetry. It can get classified according to the national origin, gene, historical period and time. Literature is a term that is used to refer to some written as well as spoken materials. It refers to the creative imaginations where the author is the one to decide on the theme to discuss.Literature can be seen as a simple aspect but it preferably a big one since it represents the traditions as well as a culture of people in a particular group. The concept is defined merely, and its meaning is constantly changing as well as evolving. Anything that grows for a specified period will have to change. Most of the individuals believe that literature represents a higher form of art and putting words for instance on a piece of paper does not mean writing (Wellek, 1956).Literature works at their best to provide a type of blueprint of the human civilization. The works of literature bring people of the who universe together since when one reads, the writing of a particular culture helps them understand their lifestyle and they can easily interact, more so it gives an insight as well as the context to all the societies in the world.There is need to consider that literature changes from one generation to the other. There some literary works that can get regarded as a failure but in another generation, the piece of art is a masterpiece. For instance, Herman Melville novel (Wellek, 1956).In conclusion, we can say that literature can be defined in two perspectives the broader as well as the narrow one. The more general definition of research composes anything that is written down in any form, but this definition is contradicting since it does not facilitate communication. Narrow definitions have many diverse approaches that one can hardly talk about and demarcates the non-literature as well as literary texts.ReferencesWellek, R., & Warren, A. (1956). Theory of literature (p. 78). New York: Harcourt, Brace & World.

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