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Published: 2021-07-06 06:39:41
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It was on Thursday, March 14, 2018, which remains memorable to me. It was a visit to Molaa Museum of Latin American Art. The Museum was founded in 1996, along with the Beach of California and it provides services the great region of Los Angeles. It is one of the art Museums located in the United States with Latin America collection of arts. The Museum is completely full of a collection of arts dated over 100 years old which represents Latin America. Most collections are in the form of drawing, sculpture, painting, mixed-media, photography, and video art. It has collections of human revolution, art, technology and scientific evolution about Latin America. There are collections from Latin American artists such as Pajaro, Marco Maggi, Dario Escobar and Liliana Porter. It has also sculpture garden where various sculpture from Latin America are located, the good and the bad, ugly sculptures, Loteria, and Whims and Absurdities sculptures. However, each of the collection of sculptures represents a unique revolution in Latin America Arts.However, the collections at the Molaa Museum are very educative and by looking at the collections one can learn how the past connects with the future. It collection provides a brief reflection of the historical journal of Latin America. It also allows someone to learn the culture which made the art and provide reflection with other culture as well. Above all, viewing the collection allows me to learn the journal of Latin America and the importance of each step in history. The collections from the Museum can be used for studies by different classes. The collections are more appropriate for grade eight, ten, and even college students (Molaa 2).The visiting of museum helps students to understand the historical perspective of life. Students get an opportunity to learn about the history of their country, background information, culture and discover how they can relate to the history of life (Doyne 12). It is important to note that visiting the museum helps students to gain a broad understanding of their past, and be able to connect with the current life. A Museum is also the place where students can spark the interest in history, art, and other subjects, and therefore, it important for students to time off to visit any relevant museum. However, during my visit to the museum, there was also an exhibition of Nuna Mangiante going on at the Molaa Museum which attracted a sizeable ground since it was one of the kinds to take place after a long time. It is, therefore, evident that a visit to the museum also provides a platform to interconnect and also learn from other students.Molaa Museum provides various supports to students and teachers who visit the museum. The museum has a tour guide who offers a detailed explanation of various events and collections at the museum. It also offers discounts on tickets for students of a certain number. The museum offers a total of ten percent discounts for more than fifty students and fifteen percent discount for more than one hundred students. However, when students visit the museum, Molaa has guidelines and other literature materials for teachers which it offers for free so that teachers can use to provide more detailed information to students. Molaa Museum is a good museum for school-age children because the collections are well painted with good colors and arts of humor which can be educative to school age children. It can help students to learn about the collection of colors very well. Most arts are in bright colors, fully sculptures and most collections are not scary which can provoke kids and therefore, it is a good place for school-age children.In conclusion, the Molaa Museum is one of the best Latin American Art Museum which has been established in the United States. It has a good collection of art which represent the history or the past of the people of Latin America.Works CitedDoyne, Shannon. “What Are the Best Ways to Learn About History?” (2017): 2-35.Molaa. “Molaa Museum of Latin American Art.” 2-3.

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