Maritime Drug Trafficking

Published: 2021-07-06 06:43:07
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The prospect of Law of the Sea is considered as the crucial international legal feature to adopt the approach of collaboration with the necessary different forms of maritime security. The facet of the maritime security provides assistance to the international order related rule of law and different essential regulations. Undoubtedly, the features of maritime security and convention on the law of the sea come up with the complex paradigm which involves different rules and procedures to provide necessary regulations for the different seas and oceans of the world. The prospect of maritime can be explained as the feature of the different tasks and operations which are adopted with the intention of protection of the sovereignty with the proper consideration of the maritime resources.It is notable to mention that there is the number of issues or challenges which are associated with the feature of maritime security. Drug smuggling is one of the crucial problems which can witness in case of maritime security. It immensely affects the different stakeholders in the form of countries which are collaborated with each other on the basis of the international alliance. Different forms of international laws and rules impact the domestic form of the sea law in case of every country.Drug smuggling or trafficking is one of the crucial concerns when it comes to the prospect of the laws of the sea. The problem of drug trafficking impacts the rules and regulations in case of all the countries associated with each other under the paradigm of maritime security and the basic convention on the law of the sea. There is the existence of the different precautionary measures on the basis of these laws to deal with the issue of smuggling with the consideration of different jurisdictional challenges (Fritch, 2009). It is considered as the necessary approach for the government to effectively adopt the crucial element of connection between the conduct of the defendant and the country’s legal perspective to address the issue of smuggling effectively and efficiently.ReferencesFritch, C. R. (2009). Drug smuggling on the High Seas: Using International Legal Principles to Establish Jurisdiction over the Illicit Narcotics Trade and the Ninth Circuit’s Unnecessary Nexus Requirement. Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev., 8, 701.

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