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Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:39
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The position of IMC communications within the marketing management flow chart The IMC communication tactics fall under the situational analysis in the marketing management flow chart. This is because the IMC tactics try to determine the collaboration that could exist so as to have the best marketing decision made. The marketers, therefore, have the role of determining the potential customers, collaborators as well as competitors. All these are the parties to the determination of the best marketing strategy (Begehr 2014). The integration determines the best method to use. Thus, it is the first stage in marketing. It is the starting point of all the aspects that follow in the other layers. The situational analysis sets the stage for the strategy formulation and later the formulation of the marketing programs. The necessity of creating consistency with the current customersIt is important that consistency and integration are made with the current customers. This is because the current customers form the current market for the organization. As such, having them on board promises the company of the continued performance. On the other hand, losing the current customers would mean that the business will not go to the long run. As such, the perpetuity aspect will be a problem. It is worth noting that the customer is the king (Garfield 2006). Thus, the current customers define what the market demands from the organization. Integrating them into the marketing strategy formulation gives a chance for the provision of tailor-made products. Thus, such integration places the organization at an advantageous position in the market. The necessity of integration and consistency on the potential customersThe potential customers are as important as the current customers. They form the future market for the organization and therefore predict the future success. For this reason, their integration and consistency are quite important in enabling the organization prepares for their needs well in advance. The potential customers portray the changing face of the customers’ needs and preferences (Begehr 2014). Therefore, integrating the potential customers provides a deeper insight into enhancing a higher level of customer’s satisfaction.ReferencesBegehr, J. (2014, February 3). How content will impact the future of integrated communications. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Retrieved from Garfield, B. (2006). An illogical spot, but an unforgettable campaign. Advertising Age, 77(38), 67. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

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