Media, Society and the Culture

Published: 2021-07-06 23:11:18
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Research conducted concerning the mass media and as a mode of communication has put it as career that has had different marked periods and incidents. This forms of research have been able to establish the differences between the mainstream media and the critical approaches that exists in the different forms. The profound differences in the theoretical perspective and in political calculation differentiate the two forms in an effective manner.The profound mode of communication was established as a process that originated from the sender to a receiver. An elaborated model was developed by Shannon and Weaver in 1949. The model included the source, signal, mode of transmission, the receiver and the destination that the source had to transmit to as shown below.Source Transmitter Signal the receiver DestinationRegrettably, this model has been criticized for possessing a linearity characteristic. The model concentrates more on the level of the message and lacks a structured formation of the different established levels and their respective relationship. However, it is also possible to think of this process in terms of a structure produced and sustained through the enunciation of related but idiosyncratic instances, that is the making of the information, circulating the information, distributing it and finally how it is encoded, decoded and reproduced.

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