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To: Recipient NameFrom: Your NameCC: CC NameIn order to eliminate the data security and improve its protection, there should be certain policies and procedures which helps in making the workplace more effective and resourceful. There will be a one month training period starting from 7th April 2018 to 8th May 2018. This training period will help in improving the skills in the employees and ultimately defining new policies to be executed by the employees. The policies which will be included in the process are as follows:Providing training about what phishing scam is and how it is developed. Factors of eliminating these phishing scams will be discussed in the program, that how to resolve these scams using phones, emails, and desktops.Setting up passwords for the desktops, which are changed every 30 to 60 days.Introducing encryption when sending an email to a colleague or any other person outside the office. Encryption makes sure that the person who is receiving the email, cannot send back any email or try to use the email in different places.Setting up alert messages to the concerned person whose PC is being breached or alerting the IT staff if the company’s data is being accessed by any other party.Figure 1 Privacy by Design. (2016). TermsFeed. Retrieved 6 April 2018, from

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