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Published: 2021-07-07 00:23:19
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Site Address: of Resources for Clients:National Career Development Association (NCDA) works in association with American Counseling Association (ACA) to collective present the awareness of counselors in the national process of legislation and in Congress. NCDA being the oldest and most reliable career development organization, is frequently consulted by media for career related issues (“NCDA | About NCDA”, 2017). NCDA officially provides the career development help for its clients by means of three main resources. As a first resource, NCDA official website is designed to offer the clients a great help. It is a reality that the internet contains bundles of information on career development but fortunately, NCDA has done the initial hectic work for its clients and offers to provide a particular set of useful information to help find their desired set of information and guidance. The best thing is NCDA has chosen and collected the data of those sites that are evidently useful for the career development as well as for the empowerment of individuals (“NCDA | Internet Sites for Career Planning”, 2017).The second is the official and trained help to improve the occupational trends of individuals who fail to develop such skills even after specializing in their relevant fields. There can be many potential underlying reasons but this problem is also fixable. NCDA provides the facility of professional counseling to such individuals to make them develop focus, stability and core professionalism in their particular field. NCDA professional counselors also detect the specific zest of a particular field in its professional. If that is absent, the counselors often suggest them and orient them to do anything similar, related and that makes more sense to them (“NCDA | Occupational Trends”, 2017).The next resource is the service provided by NCDA is to help individuals decide and confirm their particular profession. A number of professional counselors and specialists associated with the network of NCDA first collect the essential data of years of education, any professional experience and type and duration of training in a specific field of the client. After that, they suggest the most appropriate and convenient to opt for the respective client (“NCDA | Need Career Help?”, 2017).Description of Resources for Professional CounselorsThe services of NCDA are not only reserved for clients only but they provide excellent career and professional development skills opportunities for professionals as well. Different kinds of training conferences like the ‘Global NCDA conference’ are held every year. As other resources, there is also a ‘NCDA Career Practitioner Institute’ that arranges different training sessions for counselors from time to time. In addition to that, there is also a leadership academy working under NCDA supervision and series of webinars are arranged throughout the year for professional training and as resources for counselors and educators.SummaryTo summarize my visit to the page, I would say that there is plenty of increase in my knowledge about different ways and resources available for career development of individuals. The efforts and services offered by NCDA are remarkable. I did not observe any flaw whatsoever in the web page setup, different resources, and their conditions or in any policy of the organization. At the web page of NCDA, everything is displayed and presented in such a way that it is of great help for clients (having little knowledge of the whole process) as well as for the professional counselors.ReferencesNCDA | About NCDA. (2017). Retrieved 29 August 2017, from | Internet Sites for Career Planning. (2017). Retrieved 29 August 2017, from | Occupational Trends. (2017). Retrieved 29 August 2017, from | Need Career Help?. (2017). Retrieved 29 August 2017, from

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