“Metaphysics: Existence and Human Life” and “The Epistemology of Religion”

Published: 2021-07-06 06:43:50
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Session 4Philosophy of life in metaphysics explains the nature of existence and God. The philosophy explains how the world exists and what is the reality of its existence. Its concept of life relies on the identification of physical world and the external world. Metaphysics confers the belief that human life is not limited to the current world. The concept of life is also relevant to the idea of death that explains how human life ends. The Socratic philosophy of life illustrates the conception of metaphysics. I agree with the concept of life presented in metaphysics and it explains the reasons for human existence. The theory of life it held significance for human beings as it highlights the concept of well-being. Metaphysics is not limited to the philosophy of life, but it also explains the role of ethics and theory of knowledge (Marías, 1955).Epistemology of religion emphasize the existence of God. it illustrates the application of evidentialism on religious beliefs. I agree with the epistemology of religion as it stresses on the evidence and the acceptance of facts relies on the logic. Epistemology is vital to understanding the role of religion and related beliefs along with their application in real life. I find the concepts of faith and standards of justification more influential as they explain the process of justice. The ideology promotes the belief that good is good and the supreme authority capable of taking decisions regarding the world. The epistemology of religion is crucial in directing people to the right path by explaining the concept of right and wrong. I agree with Plato’s idea that God is good and that people must follow the rules and standards explained by religion. Rejecting the values of religion will make the world an unjust and less peaceful place for living. Religious themes are also apparent in explaining the philosophy of life. I agree with the epistemology of God as it allows humans to distinguish between right and wrong. The idea is also useful in keeping the world in ordered and organized form (Plato, 2017).I agree with the philosophical views of ethics because it is crucial in defining human personality. The philosophy of ethics explains the reasons behind human behaviors and the causes that lead to right and wrong actions. I find normative ethical philosophy more valid due to its application to human life. Ethics emphasize on the moral standards that allow individuals to distinguish between right and wrong. It is a broader field that discusses all aspects of human life and relations. Without ethics, people would be unable to live happily in the society. I believe that ethical philosophy is the primary reason that abstains humans from engaging in wrongful acts. The theory is also useful in promoting the concepts of justice, equality and fairness. I find the ethical philosophy most relevant to discussion common life issues of equality, abortions and animal rights. I also believe that ethics is crucial in eliminating evilness from the world (Marías, 1955).I find philosophical views on politics important as they play the vital role in maintaining law and order in the society. Without political philosophy, the existence of societies and nations is not possible. I agree with the philosophy as it explains the role and standards that leaders must adopt for ruling states (Plato, 2017). The philosophy is also helpful in identifying the differences between just and unjust regime. The rights of people, justice and equality, are concepts related to the political philosophy. I agree with the themes of individual rights, liberty and freedom of speech highlighted by political philosophy. It answers the question of how society attains justice through politics.ReferencesMarías, J. (1955). Metaphysics: Existence and Human Life. Foray Through Existentialism, 16, 118-126.Plato. (2017). The Epistemology of Religion . Retrieved 04 20, 2018, from https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/religion-epistemology

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