Military Service by Transgender Individuals

Published: 2021-07-06 23:11:10
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Transgender people do not get identified with the sex they are allocated at birth and they are identified as either lesbian, gay or bisexual. There are numerous myths and stereotypes associated with transgender individuals and these also affect their careers in the society. On 25 August 2017, there was a presidential memorandum “Military Service by Transgender Individuals” delivered to restrain these people to enter the military. But before banning these people to enter into the military. It is good to evaluate the effect of these members in a military and what are the costs that military bear to accommodate these transgender individuals. This paper will refute the argument that transgendered persons are too much of a distraction to be allowed in the military.There was a snap decision by president Trump regarding a ban on transgender people for offering their services in the military. The Department of Defense is working on an implementation plan in response to “Military Service by Transgender Individuals” presidential memorandum. This plan will not only address the currently serving transgender individuals in the U.S. military but it will also work on the compliance of these people in the military in future. In order to enter into military services there is the need for any male to have the fulfillment of the requirement of having a male body that is according to the required standards and for a female, there is a need to have the of the requirement of having a female body that is according to the required standards. Therefore, same should be the standard for the transgender people, who are meeting the standards of their physical body must be allowed to enter into the military service. These people are medically and physically fit and can serve the nation in the same manner as other people. Today, having GD is also not a different issue as it can be treated by transitioning. There can be counseling that may further involve changes to grooming along with medication to modify hormone levels. There are also different surgical procedures that cause permanent modifications to the body.Physical issues that are noticed at the time of birth are corrected while the child is young (Gates, Gary, and Herman). For aesthetic preference, people do alter their bodies that involve the palate surgery as well as cosmetic surgery. Conversely, there is no test to know if individuals are transgender or not. Thus, these people must not be prohibited to enter into the military services as in the past they were serving well. If a service member in a military gets injured then he is allowed to get recover and prove the physical fitness, in order to again enter the military service. These are thus allowed to come back after having medication, surgery or therapy. If we consider this aspect, then transgender people are also not restricted to enter the military services. Any American who fulfills the current medical standards must be permitted to stay in or join the military. There is no ground of forcing people to leave the jobs, who are capable to fulfill the required standards of the jobs including fighting and training in case of military services.Moreover, people performing their duties in the military are required to have their services performed worldwide and there is the use of same medications in some cases by these people that transgender people do use. However, it is also a fact that transgender people can still function without medication. Despite the fact that the situation is not ideal, a person’s ability must not be attached to his gender.Presidential memorandum “Military Service by Transgender Individuals” came as there are huge medical costs and disruption involved with a transgender people present in the military. But in fact this is not true when we check the statistics related to the healthcare costs of these people, we get to know that financial burden that trump speaks of in his memorandum is nearly non-existent(JENNIFER). Currently, there is 5,500 transgender military personnel performing their duties in American army (JENNIFER). They all are performing their services effectuality and are causing no substantial financial burden on the defense budget. In fact, thousands of transgender veterans were involved in gigantic personal expenses or losses while performing their services for the military. They honorably served and military acknowledges their services.Furthermore, armed services have a healthcare budget of almost $47 annually (JENNIFER). While dealing with erectile dysfunction treatments military spend $84 million a year. Thus, transgendered people are not a problem for the military with reference to their medical costs. Thus, when it is clear that health is costs are not the objection of not having transgender people to enter into the military services. People should protest against this along with Civil rights and transgender advocacy groups for the purpose of denouncing the policy. This must be reversed and challenged in court in order to fulfill her rights of transgender people in American society. Military provide everybody right to join the army and perform the services as the military does not overhaul what is the sexual orientation of people. The only focus of military is person’s ability whether he is able to shoot straight and fulfill his responsibilities; missions or not. If such policies are not denounced then the image of the volunteer-based military will remain no more in American society.There are almost 18 countries apart from the United States that allow transgender people to serve in the military, who are capable and willing to perform their services. These transgender people are currently also serving in the military and their future generations will show this type of opportunities and wishes. The myth that these people are not inherently unfit for duty is not a fact and these can serve best and in the same manner as everyone else can.Any army in the world is always in a need to have the best, sturdiest, most harmful people in the army in order to have success in almost all missions given to them. And transfer people fulfill these requirements and leave no effort on their part while serving the army. The issue of mentally fit people can be attached to any other group also and is specifically not relate to the transgender people, as medically it is proven that these are mentally healthy people. These people are mentally fit, and it can be judged from their effective risk analysis during their services.In American society, there is discrimination regarding these people and these are rejected in every sphere of life in the past. Thus, it is military that offers them a way to continue their life in the society, without any damage to their reputation and lives. There are many places where these people are not supposed to get employment and are also mistreated; whether these are young or old. If military also refuses to accommodate them without any genuine ground, then, these people will be without having the job in the society and will at the need become homeless, causing another issue in the society(Brain).Therefore, the military is one of the places for these brave Tran’s brothers and sisters, where they have a contribution towards the society and their country.Works CitedBrian, Moniz. Trump’s Military Trans Ban Isn’t Just Injustice, It’s a Distraction. 2018.PRITZKER, JENNIFER. Gender Status Doesn’t Distract the Military. Hiding Who You Are Does. 28 July 2017.Gates, Gary J., and Jody Herman. “Transgender military service in the United States.” (2014).

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