Music and Socialization Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:19:38
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Music has always been considered as a great source of socialization among all age groups, especially in children and adolescents as it portrays the truest of emotions composed in a symphony having a great impact on its listeners. However, most of the music popular among st teenagers is driven by the lyrical content related to violence, drugs, and sex, which raises a concern for parents as they do not want their children to be influenced with that type of music. From the parents’ perspective, the music should be categorized age-wise, and the songs or albums containing more vulgar lyrics should be branded with a parent advisory label to create awareness among adolescents to not listen to that type of music. In 1985 the first effort made to this cause was by Parents’ Music Resource Center (PMRC), a group led by Susan Baker, to make the record companies agreed upon labeling the potentially offensive music content in trying to keep it out of reach from the children and teenagers(Pareles, 1990).Although, the initiative taken at that time of applying labels somewhat helped the parents to keep track of their children’s music choices and somehow succeeded to make sure their children are not listening to any raw music packed with offensive lyrics. However, with the passage of time, parents’ found it hard to control the choices of their children because the music became more diverse and the technological advancement in the form of the internet provided more platforms to access free music. Nowadays, adolescents can download the latest of music that also free of cost from the internet without even considering that either that song or album is labialized as offensive, as these teenagers know that it is almost impossible for their parents to keep track of their internet activity.There are no regulated web filters that parents can use effectively to stop their children from using all these streaming sites like sound cloud and YouTube for accessing free music regardless of the content. This scenario is negating the overall concept of applying filters on the music records considered to be raw or not suitable for the teenager, as the youth is listening to those records irrespective of the label branded on them. According to a survey, among the age of 13-15 years, 85% are using these streaming sites to listen to free pirated music and yet the majority of the parents are unaware of the fact, as they cannot monitor their children all the time (Post, 2017).It’s also been observed that these days the labeling of an album as offensive is proving as a marketing strategy rather than a warning, as children listen to these albums and songs out of curiosity and develop a liking for them afterward. So the overall concept of marking as music album as offensive by putting a label on it has lost its actual purpose, and despite the label or any caution, adolescents are more likely to listen to that album as the probability of their parents finding that out is extremely low.

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