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Published: 2021-07-06 23:17:43
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I am writing an essay about the time I was an immature youngster. I remember I had a habit of judging people without even knowing them accurately. This incident is important to me because it made me realize that I had the worst habit of judging others and we shouldn’t always just think about our problems as the biggest ones, many other people are suffering more than us.It was about the last year that a new girl came in our class. At first, we were hesitant to make her our friend as she was late. We observed that she was intelligent and a sweet girl. One day, she came to us and asked for a little assistance in the assignment we got from our science teacher. It was the time when we started to know the new girl. Soon she became our group mate. We were four friends in the group, and now we were five, including her. Later we experienced that she takes help from us never provide any assistance to us. Another problem was that she used to talk a lot during our free time. We started to get irritated by her non-stop conversations and demanding attention. When she used to be not around us, we started talking about her and judging her behavior. We sentenced her as an attention seeker and decided to ignore her. We not just started to ignore her, but also to make fun of her and her non-stop conversations. Whenever she tried to talk to us, we began to make fun of her secretly by looking towards each other and passing smiles to each other. She never got an idea what we were doing to her or that we were making fun of her. She was a simple girl and always wanted to be around us as our group mate.We continued our mischiefs and one day during class she said that she wanted to talk us about in break. She seemed to be worried and disturbed. We tried to ask her during the course but, she said she couldn’t speak here so she would talk to us in the break. We didn’t have any clue, and we thought maybe she wanted to speak to us about something related to us. When we got our break, we decided to wait for her and take her with us to the cafeteria. When we got there, she took her lunch out and pretended that she was going to eat her lunch. By that time, we got a little worried, so we asked her what happened. She didn’t reply and looked down. We asked her again, and she suddenly started crying. We grabbed her and asked worriedly what has happened to her that she has started crying. She wasn’t able to speak a word. We took her outside the cafeteria, made her comfortable and then asked again. She then began telling that she had a terrible incident on her weekend that’s why she is so worried. She started explaining us, and at the end, we got to know that she was harassed by a servant who was living in their house for seven years. We all got shocked and had no words to console her. She was so disturbed, and her eyes were full of tears.Then, gradually we all tried to respond her, gave her advice and hugged her. We all felt so sorry for her and us too that we always made fun of her and misjudged her. She was a neglected child that’s she still needed attention from people around her. She trusted her with her problem and discussed with us, that was the most important thing. After this, we all decided never to leave her alone and to stop judging people.From that day, I’ve tried never to judge anybody without knowing people thoroughly. That’s why this incident is so close to my heart that I felt so guilty about my habit of judging people.

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