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I’d start my speech with a question that what exactly is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the idea that the people behind providing internet services should give equal access to all content and applications without discriminating between the channels. Net neutrality holds great importance in the world today. Al Franken favors net neutrality by saying that according to him internet has developed at this rapid speed only because of the practice of net neutrality. Let’s face reality, we all need net neutrality! The advocates of net neutrality believe that the net providers discriminate between the internet channels by favoring the networks they own and they require finance from other networks in order for them to operate.Let’s discuss two most important reasons why we need net neutrality. The first reason is that we want the internet to be free of cost and that it should have an open access. This is what net neutrality basically is. Just think about the services that won’t exist without it, such as online shopping, movie streaming, email, internet banking, etc. The second reason is that net neutrality protects freedom of speech and of expression. This is the basic reason why we need net neutrality. Every person on the internet has free access to publish their opinion through various internet channels and net neutrality allows them to do so and protects the originality of the content which the people publish. So, let’s face reality, we all need net neutrality!I would be ending my speech by quoting Justine Bateman that it is because of netneutrality that the internet has become so prominent and so important for revolution and ingenuity. Hence, let’s face reality, we all need net neutrality!Work Cited Dave RoosRetrieved from David Lieberman on February 26, 2015 4:50pmRetrieved from

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