Network Security Issues

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:28
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Type of Security IssueSolutions and Technology usedNetwork Administration Principles1. Denial of service attack-Use Anti-Dos attack technology such as ASIC Dos Mitigation Engines and Network Behavioral analysis (NBA).Rule-based management2. Traffic spikeInstall server –side caching plug-in and extensions to cope traffic. You can also get a better server or make sure the content is rendered quickly. You can also use a Content Delivery Network(CDN) technologyFirewall rules3. Reflective/amplified attackClose down your DNS resolvers, implement BCP38 or ask upstream provider to implement it. You can also deploy DNS rate limiting on authoritative DNS servers as a technology.V-Local area Network management4. Smurfing AttackShut off the broadcasts addressing feature of the external router and firewall. Vantage system is a technology developed that monitors the network for attacks.Secure router configuration5.Physical attackUse surveillance systems such as CCTV cameras. Use access control, meaning doors and lock and multiple alarms.Access control lists6. ARP cache poisoningConfigure your switch to use private VLANs (PVLANS) for optimal security.Port security7. Packet sniffing attackUse secure protocols for a start, example HTTP, SSH. Build the network with a switch technology rather than hub technology.Flood guards8. Spoofing-Configure the firewall and routers correctly to restrict forged traffic from internet. You can also implement authentication and encryption mechanisms to reduce the threat capability.Loop protection9. Rouge access point attack-Hide behind an Ethernet hub to detect the attack. You can also configure the rouge AP as 802.1x supplicant.Implicit deny10.War driving-Encrypt the wireless interaction and filter the Mac address capable of connecting to the router.Network separationLog analysisUnified threat managementReferencesNetwork Administration Principles. (2018). Retrieved 26 February 2018, from Threats/vulnerabilities. (2018). Retrieved 26 February 2018, from 

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