Networks Threats and Vulnerabilities in Riyadh

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:14
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Introduction Development of the information system in organizations has focused more on the processing power, high reliability as well as memory. However, the primary challenge facing the information systems is cybersecurity. Riyadh computers utilize a standard operating system like Linux, Windows NT/2000 and DOS that are common Human-Machine Interface. The computers in the Riyadh use local access networks which is a mean of remote access also impose vulnerabilities like insecure communication between PCAnywhere and the control system. Viruses and worms are also threats to the Riyadh information systems. The use of the wireless system is affordable, but natural forces, rogue access points, and eavesdropping are the potential threats. There are security technologies such as secure remote access, network access control, critical data encryption, and firewalls that are less implemented. Encryptions techniques such as asymmetric and symmetric are the primary forms of preventing cyber vulnerabilities and threats. The paper aims to present a way forward for the use of Riyadh information technologies.Networks threats and vulnerabilities in RiyadhDenial of Service Attack:The threat occurs when the Channel appears to be busy. The common type of a techniques used to perform the attack is Carrier Sense Multiple Access. This threat can either be intentionally or accidentally. The use of 2.4 GHz is universal to all wireless network such as the one used in Riyadh thus network interference is possible. The mitigation of the problem is done through the use of 5 GHz band. Any individual can access the 5 GHz band which poses the major challenge in mitigation. The detection of retransmission or excess error is through the use of WIPS alert. It possible to isolate the device location through the use of stumbler.Evil Twin Access Point:It is a more likely threat to occur since it advertise the name of Wireless LAN as a legitimate access point but the primary objective is to lure users. The identification of the occasionally used Service Set Identifiers of the Riyadh is possible via the use of KARMA tool. The tool will then chose one Service Set Identifier. Generally, the connection between the access point and the wireless station is not possible. Therefore, it is possible to trick the user to utilize the phony access point by placing the evil twin close to Riyadh area. After the user connection, further attacks such as spreading viruses, extraction of username and password as well as creating of the fake e-prescription will not be an issue. However, the cqureAP is an approach that can be used to protect the Evil Twin attack.The wireless access and the portable ends are the potential network vulnerability in Riyadh. The devices such as laptops and smartphones are the portable ends that can access the wired or wireless network. The devices are capable of infecting in the information system in the Riyadh whether inside or outside. The communication system can be safeguarded through minimizing physical access to RJ-45 ports as well as disabling the unused ports. The organization should encrypt all the e-prescription file since such sensitive information can fall on unauthorized hands. The Wireless Encryption Protocol commonly used in the Riyadh wireless access points is a very weak protocol. Thus, brute force attack on the Riyadh information system will be eliminated through the application of WAP2.Riyadh has various techniques that are used to minimize threat and vulnerabilities in the information technology systems, but the following are additional security technologies that will eliminate the security issues in the organization.Firewalls:Riyadh should prevent malicious traffic from unknown sources as a primary step to safeguard the storage and communication system. The use of the network accomplishes the inspection of the network traffic. The pre-defined security policies are the basis for the network firewall to permit access or denies data from any source. The firewall will require every individual to use the Virtual Private Network and an IP address to access the internet since the Network Address Translation can create the security zones. The exposure of the organization control system to an untrusted network is minimal since primary firewall objective is to control network traffic. However, the regulation of the malicious attacks or unintentionally mistake is impossible because the firewall is the basic step in network securing.The use of the Secure Socket Layer: It is a security protocol will enable the physicians to communicate via the use of VPNs securely. The technique has been outstanding in other firms since individuals can access control networks efficiently and securely either when outside or inside the organization. The protocol is essential during administering tasks, performing remote maintenance and sending instructions. The critical aspect of the protocol is sending instructions. The physician uses a very secure network in the two fields. First is sending an e-prescription to the pharmacist and the second one is to send diagnostic protocol to a nurse or a specialist.Authentication/Authorization Systems:The system uses the privilege level and user’s role before enabling an individual to access to a network. The current Riyadh devices have limited memory; therefore the PLCs and RTUs with limited authentication are the ones used. The organization should adopt the system which mandates an authentication procedure before accessibility. Riyadh uses password as a security mechanism which is not a comprehensive solution. The identification method such as the use of a certificate and a password is standard security protocol. Moreover, the use of the RSA key-based authorization or thumb scanner is more secure than the use of passwords.

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