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A civil war is a conflict characterized by use of high intensity weapons which involves the armed forces of different countries. Civil war leads to large casualties and unexpected spending of basic resources in an effort to concentrate on the war. They cause massive destruction of property, death of lives and displacement of people. Victory from one side’s military is believed to end civil war since revenge is always encountered as a result since no country will give in no matter what; negotiation is the other option.Americans had learnt a lesson from the War at Vietnam. Though negotiations helped end Napoleon wars, and in World War 1, it could not be applied in the Second World War because Woodrow Wilson had commanded that the Axis governments had to surrender first and their governments destroyed hand with new states formed. America feared regime change and the only option was to deploy their military on its territory. Massive death of soldiers by 1861 brought up the quest for peace. Negotiation terms were very unfavorable; union versus disunion and slavery versus freedom. Therefore Lincoln’s government had to refuse any negotiations.The American civil war which had resulted from disunion and slavery could not end were it not for the negotiations. In 1812, the signing of the peace treaties led to end of the Mexican-American war. Though the negotiation was abnormal since the Lincoln government was resistance, so the efforts proceeded via mediation, unofficial contacts and conversations. However, the 1812 War secured sovereignty to the American government and it granted its independence. It was the first war to be declared under the American constitution. It was fought only in Canada and Northeastern States along the Gulf Coast.The war did not generate a bulk enormity between British and American territories but this victory granted the Americans independence and it is enjoyed up to date. The British wanted commerce control in the USA, thus defeating them meant the Americans were free from any intervention. This victory yielded strategic gains and triggered up the military fame; Winfield Scott became popular. Though this war didn’t last long, perhaps the US would have lost.In conclusion, it is clear that military victory results to peace. American and the Axis governments would probably colonized and their freedom controlled if they adhered to terms. The militia killings reclaimed its victory thus resulting into the end of the Civil War. Thanks to Lincoln government.REFERENCESJames M. Banner (2011): War Without Victory, pg 24-37

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