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Published: 2021-07-07 00:07:45
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Post 1Conference presentations have been regarded as a potentially effective approach to encourage dissemination of nursing knowledge. They help to overcome the apparent reluctance of nurses to write professional and refereed journals (Marek, Schaufeli, & Maslach, 2017). Conferences vary in size of the attendees from a handful to hundreds of people and my span from hours to days depending on what is being discussed. However the amount of information presented in a conference presentation or publication is limited because it is a faster way of making the results available. Conference presentations may present a poster or can give an oral presentation which is the ancillary materials for attendees’ interest. According to Happell (2014) any individuals prefer to keep the bulk of the content and instead provide a summary of their publication or a research survey.Post: 2Nursing informatics is transforming the face of healthcare. With advancement in technology, healthcare providers and organizations are in a position to collect, synthesize and leverage data more effectively impacting the way in which healthcare team operate each, resources are managed, and the way healthcare is delivered (McGonagall & Mastrian, 2014).. During my nursing education program, I had not been introduced to nursing informatics until after three in my career when I moved to the US and got my first experience in dealing with nursing informatics. One of the major ways in which informatics have changed nursing practice is through documentation of health information. Gone are the days when patient information used to be updated with handwritten notes on patient chats. With the introduction of nursing informatics, healthcare providers put in healthcare information into electronic health records (EHRs). This electronic system of healthcare documentation helps to keep patient’s medical history easily up-to-date and updated (Bowling, 2016). Over the course of my program, I have found TIGER nursing assessment tool helpful as it enables me to perform self-assessment of my nursing informatics skills.ReferencesBowling, A. M. (2016). Incorporating electronic documentation into beginning nursing courses facilitates safe nursing practice. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 11(4), 204-208.Happell, B. (2014). Presenting with precision: Preparing and delivering a polished conference presentation. Nurse Researcher (through 2013), 16(3), 45.McGonagall, D., & Mastrian, K. (2014). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge. Jones & Bartlett Publishers.Marek, T., Schaufeli, W. B., & Maslach, C. (2017). Professional burnout: Recent developments in theory and research. Routledge.

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