Oedipus and Hamlet Characters

Published: 2021-07-06 23:15:29
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The characters of Oedipus and Hamlet shares the story of tragedy and misfortune. However, the comparison of the characters and circumstances portrays Oedipus as a better example of the tragic hero. Oedipus has close relevance to the definition of Nicholas Delbanco and Alan Cheuse. The story of Oedipus depicts that he remains unaware of the innate flaws taking him towards the path of destruction and demise. He is unable to see the unforeseeable mistake taking him to his self-deterioration. The scene in the play justifies his role as a tragic hero when he is informed about his fate. His vows in the play to search the killer of his father represents the intensity of his tragedy.Though Hamlet also plays a tragic hero the role of fate is less visible as he makes a choice. His act killing the murderer of his father reflects his weakness as revenge remains the prominent force of motivation. Oedipus, on the other hand, fits the role of tragic hero as he leaves home to avoid prophecy, but fate brings him back. The role of fate shows his inability to escape the prophecy. His status as a tragic hero becomes more prominent in his pursuit of the murderer.Oedipus fits the definition of tragic hero as he is unable to identify his mistake apparent in his decision of marrying his mother. Hamlet thinks about the adversities of his actions but fails to exhibit control making the role of fate less significant. While in Oedipus, the character’s curiosity takes him towards his downfall, visible in his eagerness to find the murderer of his father. In case of Oedipus, his destruction is the result of judgmental errors. The scene when he cross-examines the shepherds and Jocastas begging to quit investigations, the begging of Theban shepherd explains the tragedy.

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