Organizational culture entails a system of shared beliefs, values as well as assumptions that govern people’s behavior in an organization

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:44
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Creating an organizational culture.The initial culture of an organization significantly gets established by the founder of an organization. In most cases, the founder of an organization determines a distinct way of providing goods and services to consumers that is for the purpose of survival in the market. For example, when it comes to some companies, they remain founded on exceptional customer service while others are founded on low pricing hence the strategy upheld by a particular company based on success eventually becomes an appropriate way to run operations hence molding the organization’s culture.Organizational culture creation is achieved in numerous ways for instance hiring and retention of employees who uphold a common thinking. Another way through which culture gets created within an organization is through socializing employees to the given organization’s thinking that is as well in proper alignment to set goals. The founder’s or rather leader’s behavior ought to act as an example of how the employees should behave thus they ought to act as role models to instill an outstanding organizational culture.Maintaining organizational culture.Maintaining or rather sustaining organizational culture is more than vital when it comes to the success of an organization. One of the important factors towards the maintenance of organizational culture is selection, especially of the workforce. When it comes to selection, it is important to always identify besides hiring a team that bears skills, abilities, and knowledge in performing the entitled tasks successfully.Another important aspect towards sustaining organizational culture is that the top management ought to uphold positive actions that in this case instill or instead maintain organizational norms. A good example is in the freedom the top managers and leaders should give their subordinates. It is, therefore, a responsibility of the management to determine besides upholding actions that in this case pay off for instance in terms of promotions and other forms of rewards for the purpose of maintaining the culture. Socialization is also another important determinant of the maintenance of organizational culture hence employees ought to get adopted in a proper way that spreads the word pertaining the traditions and customs of the organization.

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