OSHA Goals and Strategies

Published: 2021-07-07 00:22:49
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Health & EthicsThe whole aim of medicine is to prevent illness and disease. It’s complete so that a person can achieve maximum functionality as a human. However, this optimal functioning is a way different from physiological functioning. Cognitive, affective function alongside the physiological function is a must for a person to live humanly. In cases when the physiological function cannot restore then the medical support must be withdrawn so that cognitive, affective function can focus.In cases where the cognitive function is irreversible for restoration then the ethical implication is to let the physiological support be removed and allow the patient to die. Most families do not recognize it as their real hopes of doing everything to keep the person alive. In Physician Assisted Suicide the physician intentionally and knowingly provides the patient with the means and knowledge for the commitment of a suicide alongside the knowledge of the lethal doses of specific drugs that could lead to death (Kahn , Lazarus , & Owans , 2003 ).The united states supreme court had granted the certiorari review alongside made a collective and unanimous decision which reversed the decision of the Ninth Circuit en banc hence making it clear that no person had the constitutional right to the physician-assisted suicide.The legal implication of the right to die is to give the patient his/her right to privacy or the right of integrity of body alongside the right to liberty and also not have one’s body imposed on without the consent of that person.Mostly the physicians are reluctant to end the patient’s life either insisted on by the patient or by the family, is to escape the critics of the ethical groups and the associated kinsfolk. Alongside the doctors also want the patient and the family to refrain from making mistakes that could get them sued later on.OSHA goals and strategiesThe three goals of OSHA are to provide quality workspaces that are safe, healthy and fair. Reduce the injuries, fatalities, and illnesses of the injuries of the workplace. And last, improve the safety and the health of the workers. Achieving these goals help ensures the better quality of results such as improved workplaces ensuring safety and health of the workers.Companies can meet the standards by providing a workplace that is free from hazards alongside it also complies with the rules, regulations, and standards of the OSH Act. Also, make sure that the employees use tools that are safe and a properly maintained equipment (Brumley, 2016).Employees must use safe equipment alongside procedures that are directly directed by the firms. Employees should also be given an official time for participation in such activities, alongside the health and safety programs of the agency. However, employees also have the right to report any unsafe equipment provided to them for use.If the facilities of the health care violated then according to the 1970 OSHA, the owners could face the consequences such as citations and jail. Blood handling is also a critical act, and any violation has strict penalties. Yes, the results are good as health standards are a top priority of the employees working in such firms.ReferencesBrumley, S. (2016). What Happens If OSHA Standards Are Not Met in Health Care Organizations? Retrieved from Small Buisnesses : http://smallbusiness.chron.com/happens-osha-standards-not-met-health-care-organizations-78390.htmlKahn , M., Lazarus , K., & Owans , D. (2003 ). Allowing Patients to DIe Practical, Ethical and Religious Concerns . Jouranl of Clinical Oncology .

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