Personal Inventory Assessments

Published: 2021-07-07 00:15:09
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Slide 1: The Kind of Employee I Will BeCompetitive natureModerate cultural awarenessNormal tolerance for novelty, complexity and insolvabilityReady to grow as creative contributor to my teamSlide 2: The Kind of Leader I Will BeHigh ethical leaderHigh ability to develop high-performing teamsA people moverView performance through the larger lens of potentialSlide 3: The Kind of Manager I will BeAccommodating conflict handlerCollaborating conflict handlerLow ability to gain power and influenceSlide 4: Kind of an Organization That Would Be the Best Fit for MeHigh need for team buildingOrganizations with a high control cultureOrganizations with a high collaborate cultureHigh cultural sensitivitySlide 5: My Strengths and Challenges as a Team MemberStrengths Short power distanceHigh acceptance or understanding of other culturesChallengesLow emotional intelligenceLow self-conceptSpeaker NotesSlide 1: The Kind of Employee I Will BeFrom my personal inventory assessments, I would be that kind of an employee with a high competitive nature because I always try to make all of my work a matter of comparison. I would like to know that whatever I am doing has been done before, or is better than that of my colleagues. I am also ready to improve my ability to view life from another person’s perspective because I have a normal multicultural awareness and knowledge. I am also that kind of an employee who is tolerant for new ideas, people and places. I take some time to discuss with my colleague about organizational challenges and the risk of solving or not solving the problems. I am also ready to identify ideas or ways of doing complex things that I have never done and in a better way. As an employee, I will be ready to grow particularly as a creative contributor to my team.Slide 2: The Kind of Leader I Will BeI will be the kind of leader with high ethical leadership implying that I will be cognizance of both the competing and the complex values of what is right or wrong. Also, I will possess skills that are closely associated with my ability to build a coalition and articulate a vision around my goals. I will also be able to recognize the strengths of the team and be able to capitalize on what the team is doing fine. I will also be that kind of a leader who will generally have large contact lists such that I will always introduce new team members to new paths and ideas. I will also be largely mindful of the lives of my team members outside of work and will do so by viewing their performance through the larger lens of potential.Slide 3: The Kind of Manager I will BeWhen it comes to handling conflicts, I prefer using collaborating and accommodating strategies but, in some instances, I might use compromising and avoiding strategies. I will also be the kind of manager with low ability to obtain, uphold, and exercise power and influence in my managerial position in a given organization.Slide 4: Kind of an Organization That Would Be the Best Fit for MeSince I perceive my organization to have a higher team building activities, I would therefore best fit in an organization that has a high need of team building. When it comes to organizational culture, an organization with a high control culture would be best fit for me. Just as myself, these kinds of organizations are interested in creating a more control-focused culture, identify areas in that could benefit from improved conformity and develop rules and structures in those areas. I would also fit in an organization with high collaborate culture because I believe in working and developing as a team so as to enhance performance and effectiveness. An organization that is cultural sensitive will also fit for me since I am culturally sensitive and enjoy being around diverse groups of people (employee).Slide 5: My Strengths and Challenges as a Team MemberStrengthsOne of my strengths is having a shorter distance to power. I always like to have a close relationship with my superiors in my place of work. I also have a high acceptance or understanding of other cultures and have no difficulties adapting to other cultures or working with people from different cultures.ChallengesHaving a low-emotional intelligence implying that I have a low ability when it comes to match the intensity of my emotion with that of others. I also have a low self-concept which means that I have a low integration of positive emotions, greater life control, higher self-confidence, and positive self-esteem.

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