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Published: 2021-07-07 00:07:04
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Physics forms part of the human life. Is a major branch of science that deals with the aspect of matter motive through space by using energy and force. Therefore, it explains various concepts that occur in the real life. For instance, physics explains the reason why people have lights in their homes even though the same is sourced from the electricity. Therefore, the conversion of energy comes into play in the enhancement of the people’s lives. Physics works in consideration of various principles that it applies in enhancing people’s lives. Each of the principles, therefore, has some meaning to the real-life situation.One of the physical laws is Newton’s law of motion. In this case, this law explains the reason why subject matter moves from one place to another. Therefore, this applies to the real-life experiences. For instance, the CDs require moving in a rotational form in order to work (Serway & Jewett 2018). Therefore, the working of a Cd is attached to the ability to enhance force and have the Cd rotating around the axle to deliver the content recorded on it by the use of energy.On the other hand, the real-life experience is all covered by the physical science. In this case, even the small engagements of the human being apply the physical knowledge. For a person to move from one point to another, he or she requires applying force so as to make a motion. This is all physics applying Newton’s law of motion.The mode of technology cannot be possible without the accommodating of the physical science. In the case of development of better means of transport, the motion theory comes into play (Robson & McCartan 2016). The law of gravity plays a role in the enhancement of the stability of the vehicles and other heavy machinery. The conversion of energy in a manner that it can be saved for a long time calls for the inducement of conversion physics. The life of a human being, therefore, revolves around physical science and its principles.ReferencesRobson, C., & McCartan, K. (2016). Real world research. John Wiley & Sons.Serway, R. A., & Jewett, J. W. (2018). Physics for scientists and engineers with modern physics. Cengage learning. 

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