Piriformis Syndrome Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:10:28
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Piriformis syndrome refers to a condition where a muscle known as the piriformis muscle, which is found in the buttock, causes pain and spasms on the buttock region. There can also be pain and numbness along the back of the leg if the piriformis muscle irritates the sciatic nerve(Knudsen,Mei-Dan, & Brick2016). Some of the signs and symptoms of piriformis syndrome include; pain in the buttock, reduced motion on the hip joint, pain after lengthy sitting, problems sitting, pain along the rear of the leg and discomfort while walking up inclines or stairs. Piriformis syndrome is a treatable condition. Treatment may include non-surgical conditions such as ice and heat therapy, piriformis and Botox injections that decrease pain, and use of medications such as ibuprofen or naproxen to get rid of the pain.(Fishman& Ardman 2006). In severe conditions, treatment can be through electrotherapy, where the buttock is stimulated electrically or surgery which is usually the last resort and involves cutting the muscle in order to relive the pain.Piriformis syndrome is not a genetic condition as it comes about due to external influences on the nerve associated with activities of daily living that cause the piriformis muscle located on the buttock to press upon the sciatic nerve. Some of the causes of piriformis syndrome include; bleeding around the piriformis muscle, swelling or tightening of the muscle, irritating the piriformis muscle which may cause spasm due to over exercising, sports, and trauma from accidents, falls or sudden twists of the hip (Clayton 2017). I chose to handle this particular problem because I am familiar with it and it is a condition that occurs on the sensory nerve and can affect any individual. Besides, I have had a personal experience of the problem which I acquired after I suddenly twisted my hip joint during exercise. Piriformis syndrome does not have a specific group of individuals who are likely to suffer the condition. It does not have a specific age group, level of fitness or occupation since it is a condition caused by daily living activities and anyone can acquire it.ReferencesClayton, P. (2017). Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction: AStructured Assessment Strategy. Co-Kinetic Journal, (72).Fishman, L., &Ardman, C. (2006). Sciatica Solutions: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Cure for Spinal and Piriformis Problems. WW Norton & Company.Knudsen, J. S., Mei-Dan, O., & Brick, M. J. (2016). Piriformis syndrome and endoscopic sciatic neurolysis. Sports medicine and arthroscopy review, 24(1), e1-e7.

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