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Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:58
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IntroductionPlagiarism can be explained as when someone uses the work of another for private benefit and does not give any acknowledgment to a source. When someone takes an idea, conversation and writing of someone else and represents this work as your own. It is a kind of fraud to present work of another source in this manner. Most of the people don’t feel reluctant to copy paste the data from various sources and do not mention the source. Plagiarism occurs when individual copies word-for-word and does not acknowledge the work of reference. It happens when someone fails to cite the source. Sometimes, students attempt to submit project generated by another and claim the effort as their own. The reason behind this activity may be lack of necessary abilities, not have adequate time, laziness and poor research skills.DiscussionThere are various forms of plagiarism. Sometimes, it occurs as unintentional or intentional. To get superior results, information or data can be copied through online sites to make course assignment. Plagiarism also happens when someone tries to change the structure of words and sentence. It is also a tricky problem as it represents the other tactic of cheating. The student can get best grades due to undetected plagiarism. But plagiarized work is essential for admission to higher education. Plagiarizers believe that they have certain knowledge and expertise, but actually, they don’t have. Some students consider plagiarism is compulsory to get good grades from position holders. Students start to steal work and encourage themselves due to undetected plagiarism. Most of the students do this activity to maintain best grades due to the pressure of parents and friends.This activity is easy to perform to get rid of penalty by the instructor. It is the natural method to copy the date to go ahead from others. Due to ease of technology, students feel convenient to take material instead of writing their own. In the past, there was less possibility to steal content due to the presence of libraries, magazines, newspapers and other academic files. Surveys show students that does plagiarism are increasing each year. Some students claim piracy a routine activity that everyone performs it, and it is required to compete with competitorsThe definite point of plagiarism is a person don’t need to put extra effort into doing the assignment. Due to this, a person can do work faster than ever without any mental effort. There are also negative points of plagiarism. A person feels shame as this act is illegal. To steal the effort of others is not a real crime. It is kind of deception where the person attempts to damage the integrity of other(Fusch, 2017). And you feel panic of being caught due to this activity. It could demolish all chances of developing a successful career. Your chance to get admission will decrease if you have a plagiarism record on your profile.ConclusionsWhen you write your work, then you build valuable expertise, generate something new and apprehend the material. Moreover, If a student does work to see the assignment others, then it could not be possible for the instructor to mark best grades. To avoid plagiarism, you can rewrite as well as paraphrase the words.Students can give citations and references to avoid plagiarism. There should be designed some regulations and penalties to discourage the activity of stealing data. It can not be justified that everyone performs this activity so you can make assignments in this manner. It is a severe crime and should be handled seriously. Not only it occurs at academic levels but also happens in the workplace environment where someone can steal creative plans or ideas.Works CitedFusch, Patricia I., et al. “The Ethical Implications of Plagiarism and Ghostwriting in an Open Society.” Journal of Social Change 9.1 (2017): 4.

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