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Published: 2021-07-07 00:19:43
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The article discusses the decision to use atomic bomb during Second World War. Therefore, the article uses a political lens to explain the political factors that led to use of atomic bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The article outlines the president Truman’s perspective and personal judgments about the use of atomic bomb. Thus, the article focused on the tactics that were used during the nuclear war. The writers discussed and analyzed the decision that led to dropping of atomic bombs. Therefore, the authors presented detailed and important evidence that helps in understanding the events prior to the atomic bombing.The Soviet Union had decided to join America to invade Japan. The American leaders first wanted the Soviet Union to join the war. But after the atomic bomb was developed and tested in the American leaders views changed and they did want the help of Russia to invade Japan. Therefore, the bomb was viewed as the only way that could end the war. Use of bomb was to prevent the Red Army from entry further to Manchuria. The need to avoid loss of lives for the American soldiers led to Nagasaki bombing (Alperovitz et al, 1991). Also, political reason for the United States to use the bomb was the victory of the war will not be shared. Therefore, the American did want to share the victory with the Soviet Union. Moreover, the Truman viewed use as a way of strengthening America’s foreign policy and diplomacy all over of the world. The bombing helps America asserts its political influence in the Far East and Europe. The article is a political lens since it focused on a political decision that influenced the use of the bomb to end world war two. Therefore, the decision that led to atomic bombing was influenced by political implications of the situation.ReferencesAlperovitz, G., Messer, R. L., & Bernstein, B. J. (1991). Marshall, Truman, and the Decision to Drop the Bomb. International Security, 16(3), 204-221.

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