Power and Independent of Women in Antiquity verses Earlier Society

Published: 2021-07-06 06:41:08
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Women in antiquity had less power and independence as compared to the women in today society. The world is continuously changing and evolving. Nowadays every corner of the world men and women has particular roles they play. It is very different from the ancient time whereby women were decidedly inferior to men. The status of the women is changing in repeatedly way from one period to another and changing the roles of women from day to day. In gradually way, the part of the women has changed the political standpoint in different societies. It has been very different from an ancient time where women could not have the power to hold political opinions and positions. They were not supposed to get into any political power or debate. In earlier society, women have political power through which they have occupied a significant position in western civilization.In the time of Hellenic Greece, any given woman was considered to be remarkably weaker than man and was not supposed to perform any intellectual developments. Despite the fact that there is interest in women antiquity in middle age, women remain dominant marginal in paradigms understanding of the political and social changes. Following the role of the women today, it is right to say that women have become more independent and powerful as compared to ancient time. Women are holding top positions across the world just like any other man. It is not like antiquity time where no woman could rule man. In fact, most of the western countries are ruled by the women. They occupy the top position in the government and have authority to govern the men and therefore, it right to say that women in earlier society are more independent and powerful than in ancient time.

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