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Published: 2021-07-07 00:17:22
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The performance assessment is a tool to evaluate the working, dealing and meeting with the desire goals capabilities of the employee in the organization. The individual performance has the positive and negative results. Being the manager of a corporate organization an individual has to follow specific rules to increase the production and workflow. It would be easy to analyze the performance and attitudes of the employees for some managers, for example, the sale staff of the company can be rated on the generated revenue and the closed sales, how the process of the sales and those successful costumer transactions done by the worker of sales section. There are specific tasks for every employee like calls taken, setting of the appointments, and completion of the projects facilitated the meeting and the related events managed by the individual.The goals associated with qualitative methods include practical skills in the communications, learning and adopting changes, excellent working with the team and in a collaborative environment. However, these are the not only the expectations set by the manager regarding his employees. It is necessary to note such essential abilities of the worker to understand the real performance appraisal. In the same way, quantitative goals are those actions where worker tend to focus on the achievement of specific goals. For example, a task provided to the worker with the number of placements in the particular period. Quantity is not available but setting those goals with specific criteria of triumphant performance clarity must be there in the mind of manager, which will ultimately enhance the creativity. Regardless of the statistics and quantifying the work, evaluate the behavior that will increase the performance of the working.Before uprooting the tasks to the worker, revise the measurement as quantitative or qualitative and if it is latter define how you will use the observations of the manager for a successful employee. The results of the goals based on the factor of the clarity of manager about the specific goals, and their measurement, which will further enhance the overall success of the business.

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