Prostitution in Nevada Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 06:39:21
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Sex work refers to the process where women engage in sexual behavior either for money. Prostitution is negative social behavior that when a person engages in such act is perceived as a shameful behavior in the society. According to Barb Brents, a professor in UNLV Nevada argues that Prostitution, despite being stigmatized employment is also the most paying job for women. However, he continues to say that, prostitution does not only sustain women financially but also empower certain women, give them the confidence to continue working despite being immoral behavior in the society. Prostitution in Nevada is done in Brothels where people take it as a legal business in some cases despite being prohibited. This paper summarizes the case study give details on various themes of prostitution that arises in prostitution in Nevada.My main client is a photographer by the name Marc McAndrew’s who was researching issues of prostitution in Nevada City (Di Camillo, 2017). In his research, he was provided with a camera to take photographs in his research. Also making trips from one state to another to explore the city. Also, the photographer used to house with sex workers in the brothels for five years. I decided to concur with this client since he took five years to research prostitution hence he has a lot of experience and on top of it the evidence in the form of photographs which he presented to me for clarification. Marc was able to gather all information about sex work researched into details and analyzed hence coming up with concrete details on prostitution. He explored more than one brothel to come up with comprehensive information.In my case study, I encountered several themes which are outlined as follows and which were incorporated Marc McAndrew’s research. The first one was the theme of poverty or financial constraints where most of the women will work as sex workers to earn money for their upkeep and survival. Lack of employment leads to desperation in life which trigger these women to engage in antisocial behavior such as prostitution for their upkeep or even to sustain their kinds. According to Marc, he says that this Brothel is owned by people and claim that it is a business like any other business despite being illegal and immoral in the society.Another theme is about immorality. This is a negative behavior such as selling your body in exchange for money or enjoyment inform of prostitution. In many societies, sex work is regarded as immoral and antisocial behavior and is highly disregarded and prohibited. According to Marc some of the women are not desperate financially, but they do sex work as a form of enjoyment and satisfaction (Struckman-Johnson, et al, 2017). He continued to say that most of the women who he met in the brothel were married or even had kinds but still involved themselves in immoral behavior.Also, the theme of marriage is well outlined in the case study where referring to Marc in the process of his research he discovered most of this women were either married, had kids or husbands. Marriage is a companionship of two people, but most of this women practiced prostitution even in the marriage relation. Most of this women leave their family and visit brothels in search of enjoyment or maybe financial gain (Di Camillo, 2017). According to Marc most of this brothels are even carried out by married couples who assumed to be a business like any other.In conclusion, prostitution is a projecting antisocial behavior in Nevada but still being carried out in some areas in the states. Women as the gender are the most affected people in the society. Themes of immorality, marriage, and poverty have well been elaborated in this case study by the researcher Marc McAndrew’s to further discuss issues of prostitution.ReferencesDi Camillo, J. A. (2017). Gender Transitioning and Catholic Health Care. The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, 17(2), 213-223.Struckman-Johnson, C., Nalan-Sheffield, K., Gaster, S., & Struckman-Johnson, D. (2017). Sexual Behavior in Parked Cars Reported by Midwestern College Men and Women. The Journal of Sex Research, 54(8), 1064-1076.

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