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Published: 2021-07-07 00:06:15
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We know psychology has traveled long way for creating the renowned partners and fellows of discipline. The reason of its long journey was to study the mind, attitude and behavior of the human being. The psychology is all about work and study of behavior or mind of a human through the scientific methods. In this concern, before viewing the historical impact on the present psychology or historical principles and the theories impact on the psychology it is also better to take a look on the psychology concept. The psychology word also comes by Greek language which described the relative word for psychology was the psyche. Moreover, this word also generates the meaningful information regarding the psychology because that Greek word was related to the life. This word now has generated much progress in the theories and working of the psychology. This subject also got much appreciation through the scientific methodology.Now the science is the biggest part of psychology in this era. As so on the working on psychology has developed several concepts about the human behaviors. But the problem is also exists in this situation. Stangor Psychology scientists found several people who are more confident in the real or right condition as well as they are also much confident in the wrong situation as well. This problem has created some other problems like the several kinds of the biasness in which the motivational biasness and cognitive biasness also exist on this. In this relation, history or practically work of psychology also said different opinion in past for the sake of getting more extensive information in future.After passing the time, these theories or concepts made a problematic situation for the psychologist scientist. According to the theories which were declared in past, these above ambiguities does not exist in human behavior but after the more work on this concept, authors found the people have now much extrasensory perception (Kelly, 1967; Heider, 1958). As this concern the previous psychologist scientist was the Plato and the Aristotle in the duration of 322 to 428 BC. These authors also asked and developed several questions like about the nature and the nurture. The philosopher Plato was the side of nature and the Aristotle was in nurture side. In the arguing side of this situation several other authors also work on these situations.This kind of context also exists in this era as well but the problem was the methodology concern levels which were adopted previous researcher. The problem of few methods for working on that situation create the limited results and now the contemporary study of psychology is facing problems about those results. In this case and scenario even more authors did not apply and conduct any kind of research on that era in this part due to un-surety or unavailability of the study concept on these questions on human experience. In further, several problems are also exist in this era about the testing of theories declared by the Freudian. This was because Freudian not specified or mentioned when dominations wouldn’t or would happen. But this theory has proved the credibility and reliability of work to falsify Freudian concept. In this era, psychology is also facing the historical concepts problems on the behavioral logics. This comprised on input or output categories related through the internal channel which makes and develops attitude but no impact on its own self.Psychology is also facing several problems regarding cognitive matter. In this way, the ecological validity is the huge problem now as well as cognitive science, artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and the opposite distribution process approach are the most important topics now these days. An artificial intelligence also provided many progress in the sector of psychology but this hasn’t the power of to check the right or sense the right thing in the natural way. If we relate these approaches from the previous working then we will find the extra ordinary results of the researcher’s findings. Previously tested programs and work are not suitable in this current era on this category, they have the need for several development.People attitude and the behavior are not consistent in every time. Sometime the brain of human accept the right thing, and some time not. Various researches have also implemented and conducted on the human brain. Psychology just not has the limited scope on human attitude, it is has the long way approach to find the maximum awareness about every action of people. In more detail view, psychology is also not the pure science. In this field several scientist provide the professional working and services to public. This has the very highly side of application.The branch of the psychology which is applied psychology face among everyday new problems. In the field of contemporary psychology the main parts of the psychology are also diversified in educational, counseling, clinical, organizational and the industrial parts with the percentage of 14.8, 8.4, 5.7, and 68.8. The major focus of psychology also exists in clinical, counseling, industrial, organizational, and the educational sectors.The history of psychology also raised several important marks regarding contemporary role in the psychology. In this part, about 20 years before (danziger, 1994) inquired, does history of the psychology has the future? This set also fascinating the reflections about the several problems regarding presentism, continuity and historicism. On the other hand, the self-help books for the sake of assisting the self some time choose the wrong way to harm the psychology. This self-facilitating work also consists on the biasness. In this concern, psychology work consists on the scientific method in the recent era but as relevant to the self-help books are provide the assistant to create favor for self. In this way, the results of actual and practical work receive harmful factors in the finding of authors. To promoting and facilitating self-work lead to the poor judgments and results of research and harm the objective standards of the psychologist work.This self-work also bias in the several perceptual and cognitive processes which is one-sided. In this concern, when an individual deny the reliability of the negative response, concentrate on their achievements and strengths as we as this part leads to the failures and faults or provide harmful causes for the researchers. This work biasness are also specially obvious when a single person develop the credit regarding personal events, actions and the outcomes. This also explains the positive experiences and actions their credits consist on the causal effect of dispositional reason.Several persons are also less vulnerable on this favoritism than the others. An individual is also depressed incline to take responsibility for its failures. The researchers now mention that the amount of motivational, psychologist and cognitive parts or factors for the sake of produce the propensity to internalize the work of success and also externalize the failure as well. However, the prospenity also externalize and internalize the failure and success happens in the long range of the athletic, educational and the interpersonal situations. In this way, the researchers are also have alone effects of the feedback performance on the ascriptions through giving the wrong negative or positive feedback and response about its work on the lab task. Moreover, this self-service provide the best help to the user or reader of book but on the same time its deny the original impacts and results for the reader.This work produces the several problems for the researchers or scientist or psychologist and many others as well. This action creates ambiguity for the authors to create or develop the strong and reality base hypothesis for the research work to achieve the research objectives. Self-help also creates many problems but the one biggest problem is the biasness or favoritism which user takes for its self. After this situation most of the contemporary psychology researches are based on the reality work and performance according to the nature of work. In most of the cases person change their minds according to the situation, sometime they provide the wrong response in right work and sometime provide the full confidence on the unethical act. These attitudes and behaviors are more harmful for researchers for achieving their compulsory and meaningful objectives for the work of research.In conclusion, the contemporary psychological work also depends on the scientific solution, an old theories most of the time rejected due to false authentication or unsuitable situations. Researchers try to avoid these kinds of stuffs and perform the better connection and relation of work in the practical field. When the research performs and reaches on its final destiny, it also creates the reliability and more authentications for the other users and discourages the ambiguity of favoritism and biasness in the research work field. This reliability also save the harmful effects of self-help books when it creates the favoritism and biasness for the self-assurance and satisfaction to achieving the most desirable goals and objectives of the research. Hence, the researchers also work on reality and applicability for the sake of practical work to attaining the research goals and objectives (Donelson, 2008; Blaine, 1993; Bandura, 2001; Pettit, 2014; The evaluation of psychology; Harvy, 2015).

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