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The current culture of care and the integration of user satisfaction in the health system is the nursing responsibility to improve the quality of the care and assistance.  As a profession, it is well known that one of the most important aspects of the attention to the individual healthy or sick, is communication, since it allows establish interactions and therapeutic relationships between walked to the restoration of health. Nevertheless, today, it continues to be relegated to the background. Skills and characteristics such as empathy, active listening, respect for the dignity of the individual etc., must be developed in order to achieve an effective communication and a therapeutic relationship satisfactory. This implies a great change in the signified to take care and in the humanization of the process assistance.In the health field, professional work includes the establishment of direct interpersonal relationships that go beyond the simple interaction between two individuals. The therapeutic relationship that is created between nurse and patient involves setting goals common, collaboration and exchange relations of mutual aid; from a holistic perspective.While communicating with the Barry, I will use effective techniques of verbal as well as non-verbal communication. Non-verbal techniques such as body language and gestures along with effective communication techniques will help me to develop trust and understanding with the Barry. Building rapport is considered as a fundamental step of nurse and patient relationship, which makes the process of history taking and assessment very smooth. Therefore, nurse will be able to care to the patient more effectively.Secondly, listening is another important skill that nurse should use while communicating with the patient. I will listen the patient carefully when Barry will report medical issue with me. He is non-medically, ordinary trained individual who does not have important vocabulary and knowledge to explain his symptoms. Good listening skills will me to pick up cues during the communication and identify needs of the patient for the effective management.Another important aspect of the good communication with the patient is empathy. Empathy is considered as an effective principle to promote patient-centred care. Patient-centred care is part of evidence-based practice that is always emphasized in nursing practice to promote healthy outcomes for the patient. In the same way, during my communication with Barry, I will use empathy to make him feel comfortable. It will also help me to understand the situation of patient more clearly and provide care accordingly for better outcomes.Question 2Major signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of mental illness in Barry include the difficult in sleeping, inability to cope with the situation and digestive upsets. All of these signs and symptoms are associated with mental health disorder.Sleep disturbances are often appreciated in most patients with mental disorders and, in turn, psychiatric disorders tend to be common in patients with sleep disturbances. Sleep is affected in patients with psychiatric disorders and may sometimes predict the exacerbation of the illness or the beginning of a new crisis. The most common psychiatric causes of insomnia are psychoses, disorders of mood, disorders of anxiety and the disorder of panic and dementia. Patients with mental disorder cannot deviate from your problems when going to bed and they keep thinking about them to the bed time, which prevents them from taking good sleep. Similar problem occurs with Barry as he was thinking about his child and financial stability that they face.Barry feels difficult to cope with stressors successfully, which makes him tense and cause stress and insomnia. Inability to cope is associated with disturbance in thought process and behaviour with ordinary routines and demands. Psychological disorders are related to excessive stress because of a specific event or the series of events. In Barry’s life, the major stressors are health issues of his children and financial instability. According to the…….. A normal person can deal with daily stressors by using positive coping mechanism and strategy. On the other hand, a person who is having some mental issues feel difficulty to cope-up with these stressors which lead to anxiety and depression. When an individual feels difficulty to cope with stressors, it may also disturb their other body functions such as poor digestion, increase their blood pressure and other.Another symptom experienced by the Barry was digestive upset. Usually, it is believed that poor digestion is related with disorders of gastrointestinal system. However, the research has shown that digestion has association with autonomic nervous system. If a person is stressed, then fight and flight response is activated. Hormones like epinephrine is released by the body that reduces digestion and increase blood pressure. Similarly, the negative events experienced by the Barry increased his stress level that made it difficult for him to digest food.Question 3It is important to promote the health of Barry by planning and implementing strategies that are based on the evidence-based practice. First and most important step is the assessment, which helps healthcare professional to identify problems and needs of the Barry.One of the strategies that can help Barry to reduce anxiety is to improve his coping mechanism. Effective coping mechanism is a potential way to improve psychological health of the patient particularly in the situation of stress. According to the…….. Proper support from spouse or parents is one of the effective strategy that can help client to enhance his confidence level. It is also important for patient-centred care that can help nurse to implement his or her plan of action successfully. ……. Has also supported the fact that good relationship with partner can lead to favourable outcomes for the patient. Moreover, multidisciplinary care approach can be used as it involves healthcare professionals from different backgrounds. It will help to understand the problem of patient from multiple dimensions. For instance, involvement of psychologist during the psychotherapy sessions will help Barry to enhance his thinking and made this more positive. Besides this, one-to-one counselling session will help Barry to share his concerns with the psychologist without the fear of getting judged. Through counselling session, psychologist will help Barry to improve his ability to cope with stress positively.Difficulty in sleeping is associated with large number of negative physical and psychological outcomes. Therefore, it is necessary to plan interventions to improve thinking ability of the Patient. Particular therapeutic interventions can address this problems. These therapeutic interventions should include pharmacological, behavioural and psychotherapeutic strategies. Moreover, treating or managing the underlying cause can also improve sleep. Sleep hygiene along with cognitive behavioural therapy can improve his sleep. Besides this, it is important to used behavioural strategies with concurrent treatment. Nurse needs to make sure that environment will be calm and should not have any factor that disturb the sleep such as availability of proper lights, no sound and many more. Besides this, nurse should instruct the patient to avoid taking long naps in the afternoon and promote effective sleeping schedule at hospital as well as at home. According to the………… it is effective strategy to use cognitive therapy with the pharmacological agents, if cognitive and behavioural therapy cannot work alone. It is generally known as 2-prolonged approach, which is preferred in patient with inability to sleep.Question 4Venlafaxine is an antidepressant drug that is used to treat depression. It belongs to the group called serotonin and nor-epinephrine reuptake inhibitors.It is important to instruct the patient about its use, side effects, interactions with other medicines and important interventions that need to taught to patient related to that drug. Firstly, nurse should instruct the patient that it is necessary to show compliance with the medication. Otherwise, it will not produce positive outcomes for the patient. Venlafaxine should be taken with food on the time that is given by the doctor.Venlafaxine may cause nausea, constipation, dry mouth, unusual sweating and nervousness. If patient feels that any of these symptoms persist or worsen, then he should immediately tell to his doctor. It is also important to instruct patent to get help from doctor or any other healthcare professional when he feels increased heart rate and increased blood pressure.It is necessary to inform the doctor that whether you are allergic to this medicine. Venlafaxine can make the patient dizziness and also cause blurred vision. Therefore, patient should not perform activities that require alertness such as driving. Untreated mental condition is a serious condition. That’s why, it is important to not to stop this medicine unless told by your doctor. Besides this, it is necessary to inform to your doctor before using any drug or over the counter medication, because it may interact with Venlafaxine and decrease the therapeutic effect of this medication.Venlafaxine should be stored at room temperature. It is important that patient should monitor his heart rate and blood pressure regularly.

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