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Published: 2021-07-06 06:41:46
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Introduction Race and ethnicity is a disaster in many nations. The media focus on giving a clear picture of what is in race and ethnicity (Nakamura, 3).Newspapers try to come up with a description of ethnicity and thus revealing social, economic and political factors which all have the impact on the race and ethnicity.In definition race commonly refers to the whole idea of treating other people differently due to skin differences.It tends to biological dismay since people or groups treat individuals depending on the skin differences, for instance, the differences between white and blacks an incidence which is propagating racism in many groups within nations (Nakamura,15).From researches undertaken by a few scholars, there is almost four to five classification of racism in different countries. For example, we have Asian category which is all about the hair color, facial and mainly all body parts.Thus it includes variations in physical appearances within the people in a country.It seems to be uncertain since naturally, physical changes are always inherited, and in this case, they lead to prejudices and discrimination.Racism can be said to be a prejudice that is all about social differences among the people within the nation. At all the time racists always believe that they are superior to the other people of which in the real sense humans are equal (Nakamura,56)On other hand ethnicity is about sharing different virtues such as cultural practices, distinctions thus separating groups.It is about cultural heritage within a class of people. We have some factors which are ethical.Mostly, we have ancestry, language, religion, mode of dressing and the history all are the features of ethnicity. Countries such the USA have a large number of people from all parts of the globe. In the Soviet Union, there are almost hundreds of ethnic groups which is said to have nearly millions of members.From the mass media especially the newspapers we have some practices which result from the ethnicity (Nakamura, 101-102)Articles describes this practices as the barrier to the many nations.We stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination all which results from ethnicity practicesStereotypes refer to the overamplified thoughts and ideas about a class of people within a society. Majorly stereotypes play within the ethnicity, race, age, gender and also sexual virtues which all have the features. For example, whites to be the most superior group of blacks and it is all about the stereotype. It shows that whites stereotypes about the other groups which are thought to be inferiors in all spheres.Discrimination is another factor which mass media sees as the motivator to the ethnicity.It refers to the illegal actions against people (Nakamura, 205).It is based on the age, religion, and also health differences. Discrimination in different countries takes different forms.It can either result from the employment, schools, and games or even from political spheres within the nation. Prejudice and discrimination tend to share different features. We have an unprejudiced bias which in the real sense their members try to be social and allowing other people while in impartial discrimination members within the country disvalue other people (Wade, 45)Institutional racismIt is the separate factor which is in the eyes of media on racism and ethnicity. It refers to the manner in which racial differences organize the policy of judicial, state, economic and also the rule for the education facilities. There are different forms and examples of institution racisms. For instance, in Canada, there is Indian Act and even the immigration at which practices and allows the institutional racism (Wade, 67-68)Similarly, the articles prioritize race and ethnicity within a nation by creating the theory.There are theories which are in mass media describing the full scene of race and ethnicity within a country. The full context of race and ethnicity is within the conflict theory, functionalism and more so in the typical type of interactionalism.All these concepts in class explain the discrimination and stereotypes as the significant challenge to race and the ethnicity (Wade, 134)In functionalism racism and ethnicity, differences ought to occur within the nation. We need to ask ourselves would race, and ethnicity be favorable to a country. Can racism and discrimination in any way be fruitful; it requires sequential analysis on the theory to come up with the full concept of the argument. For instance, slavery was believed to be helpful to those who used to deal with these inhuman practices. It describes the answer to this theory giving a picture as is in the philosophy of functionalism in a nation.In theory of critical sociology, there is inequality based on the gender, education, race and social classification of individuals in a nation. Many countries not only viewing the advantage and disadvantage of race and ethnicity they acknowledge it in a precise shape which is on the gender and class.Symbolic internationalism in race and ethnicity is in a sign of identity. Research and interactions portrays that race is a source of inequality in racism within the country. Racial discrimination here is in synergy with the members in domination. Here a specific group of people majorly the minorities agree with the views or decisions of people who are thought to be the superiors. For example, media can display a particular image which the subordinates will tend to copy without much struggle (Wade, 210)Politically, the media designs racism and ethnicity in different views. There are some impacts which try to facilitate ethnicity in most countries.Politics demonstrate racism and ethnicity in a manner which tends to negate the morals stipulated by the Act of rules in a nation.On the view of the registration and voting, as in newspapers in many nations, racism and ethnicity form the large percentage of inequalities.Here election is done depending on the race (Spencer, 33-34).For instance certain races are prevented from electing other groups within a nation. In European countries whites are superior and the inferiors that are blacks are supposed only to select their members. It is quite pathetic to choose leaders based on the race within a nation. The election should be free; all citizens ought to elect leaders of their choices but not to select based on racism.In assimilation people or the minority tend to copy the features of the dominating cultural activities. Ethnicity describes this incidence with a view that its only way which can cause groups to facilitate inequality (Spencer, 93).Institutional racism is defined too as a political ethnicity. Facilities in political fields are offered based on the membership of certain political parties and movements. In internal colonialism, some moves try to dominate others. It forms the ethnicity in high degree.In general media especially the newspaper describes the aspect of racism and ethnicity in no small measure.Researchers and some resources try to figure out how racism and ethnicity occurs, what are causes and the effects of it on the nation. Some aspects of the political context in racism and ethnicity tend to be significant as described.Racism and ethnicity pose a challenge as described in many of Media within different countries (Spencer150).Therefore, racism and ethnicity is a barrier to nations.Work citedNakamura, Lisa. Cyber types: Race, ethnicity, and identity on the Internet. Routledge, 2013.Wade, Peter. Race and ethnicity in Latin America. Pluto press, 2017.Spencer, Stephen. Race and ethnicity: Culture, identity and representation. Routledge, 2014.

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