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Published: 2021-07-07 00:04:19
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Personality development and room for continuance in improvement during academic career are those hallmarks that have always urged me to move towards better and better. Such aspects play a vital role in bringing stability and unified approach to personality for prospects. From school days I am active in curricular and extra co-curricular activities and by the grace of God have prominently proved myself. My teachers, school administration and fellows proved detrimental in this regard, and thus I enjoyed a successful period during my studies at a school in a comprehensive manner. I always secured a prominent position in class tests, annual exams and even my teachers openly admitted on various occasions such the fact that I could prove myself in a manner something different from the rest. Their motivational and encouraging attitude not only injected passion and commitment in me but also that paved ways for advancements in life when I entered into my college life where things were different from the school regarding thoughts, opinions and perceptions. My teachers were of the view at school level that my expression and way of communication could disseminate others a clear message that I might prove helping hand for them both in formal and informal sense (Wilson, S. (1997). I always favoured joint study and thus found opportunities to learn and earn fruitful and inspiring knowledge based on solid arguments and mutually acceptable feelings for each other in a sound mannerWhen I entered into my college life things eventually changed at the substantial level and to be frank I was not able to adjust myself with the new environment at the initial stage and given it even some of my close associates considered that life would not be anything less than a nightmare for me. Independence at a limited level in college and freedom of setting on priorities were those areas where I had to work a lot since my previous school life followed a defined pattern of learning, discipline and commitment having no room for distracting from instructions of teachers and mentors in the institute. My writing skills and ability to judge the scenario and thus render professional judgment have been appreciated at all. In class assignments I performed quite well while at college during last three months and even most of the teachers were quite satisfied with level of performance but on limited occasions, I could not deliver the expected level of output in particular during test sessions of subjects of management sciences and mathematics which indeed proved set back although on a temporary basis. I was worried at such situation since my fellows and teachers had different expectations, but I regained my enthusiasm soon when I realised the fact that consistency in performance possesses more significance than merely performing once.My teachers and class fellows are also worried at my varied performance since whole of academic career is full of achievements and distinctions and it is quite unbearable for them since they want me to enjoy prosperity and development in life and I am also feeling embarrassed at such situation too large extent (Melissa Craft, M. S. (2005). They consider the fact that I take tasks and commitments at an extreme level and even never care for other social obligations and ignore family which is not good at all since these are those aspects that prove sound edge and bridge for developments in life. They strongly believe in my abilities and competence and quite optimistic regarding further advancements and quality output, but equally they have expectations from me regarding setting of targets and priorities since without these long term results and distinctive position can never be achieved prominently. All of these are not only inevitable in view of modern and challenging trends that prevail in academic environment but also pose threats to traditional minds since era of digital environment and social media has created a sense of competition and ongoing concern for output without which to enjoy sustainable position is not even possible in today’s world and vice versa. I am part of such profession where professionals and faculty members even during education life expect something different from other professions owing to its high demand and credibility among literary circles.I strongly believe that I need to move towards various areas that can provide an edge for bringing improvements in life at a substantial level. In this regard, first of all, I need to consult reliable and prominent sources of knowledge apart from libraries and internet that can cement my knowledge base and practical exposure in a diversified manner. My teachers and colleagues are of the view that my writing skills and expression do not correlate to each other at maximum level and even argue that what I express in writing is quite higher as compared to verbal communication and even I feel anxiety and tension during face to face interaction (Spalding, E., Wilson, A., & Mewborn, D. (2002). In this regard, I need to practice on a continuous basis and also gain guidance from others as I believe since both have respective significance in practical life in quite a distinctive manner.I am of the view that for improvement in my writing domain I have to target various domains in a distinctive manner like active participation in college activities and also to take guidance from mentors and faculty members since they are in best position to judge my capabilities and skills. Apart from that as self-initiative, I may consider consulting literary society of college where professional and talented minds can not only motivate me but also provide a sound edge in abolishing my shortcomings that have appeared instantly. I want to achieve my aims and objectives in defined time scale and strongly believe in the fact that it has become inevitable for me to prove my mettle in writing, and verbal domains since in professional life both are considered at an equal level regarding significance. I want to achieve and improve myself in coming one to two months in writing domain, and for that, I have also made a plan on a practical basis.Action PlanWhat is my GoalMy goal is to achieve maximum and prove my mettle among literary circles and enjoy sound position on a long term basis.How will I achieve my Goal?I shall achieve my goal my utilizing my potential at maximum level and moving for every mean that can cement my knowledge and professional base in a distinguished manner.What resources will I use?I shall use both internal and external resources like books, social media and libraries to achieve my goal.What obstacles might stop me?The sense of fear and uncertainty that have surrounded meowing to the discouraging behavior of some of my colleagues and faculty members may stop me from achieving my goal.How will I overcome these obstacles?I shall overcome these obstacles through commitment, devotion and curiosity for learning and professional development.When do I want to achieve my goal by?Within the period of two to three months, I want to enjoy my prominent position under new passion and commitment.References:{1} Riley‐Douchet, C., & Wilson, S. (1997). A three‐step method of self‐reflection using reflective journal writing. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 25(5), 964-968.{2} Melissa Craft, M. S. (2005). Reflective writing and nursing education. Journal of Nursing Education, 44(2), 53.{3} Spalding, E., Wilson, A., & Mewborn, D. (2002). Demystifying reflection: A study of pedagogical strategies that encourage reflective journal writing. Teachers College Record, 104(7), 1393-1421.

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