Respiratory Therapy Program

Published: 2021-07-07 00:10:47
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I have a dream to join the medical field as a professional career and have secured good grades in my academics. I have completed my college with excellent grades. My teachers were impressed by me which resulted in my earlier completion of the high school as well as collage. I am mainly from Turkey and studying in the United States.Concerning my career, I am active in extracurricular activities as well as I have completed some internships and workshops due to which my skill set is groomed to professional levels. One of my best and highly concerned part of building and maintaining the career is to build a reputation for myself which would help me to gain the trust of the community so that there would be no hesitation in people for getting treatment from me.I am here applying to for the Respiratory therapy program because i have good knowledge of the pulmonary diseases and I have also developed an interest in it as well. Moreover, my intentions for joining the respiratory therapy program is also to get specialist in this field so that I would be able to work for the increasing disease caused due to the filthy atmosphere. The urgency of completing my degree also has the same reason as I want to devote most of my life in serving the people.Everyone has some personal goals which help them to enlighten their paths for the success in the future. My personal goals are to complete my education and house job in America and to build my career. Moreover, I have goals to become financially stable, have a family and to buy a home in America.At the end, I would place a request to let me enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy Program and to give me a space for the completion of my under-graduation program. It would be a kind act of you to consider my request and to let me find myself among the best students of the year.

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