Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis

Published: 2021-07-06 06:48:38
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In Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet, the secondary character played by Friar Lawrence was essential as he brought a dramatic influence on the play by his presence; as the tragedy would not have occurred without this character. One can blame Friar for bringing two deaths at the end.Friar Laurence played the role of a holy man who was respected and trusted by other characters of the play. His role as an adviser to the main characters Romeo and Juliet shows the issues that occur between parents and their children. Role of this secondary character in the play suggests how the parental love fails sometimes because of their egos. And both Romeo and Juliet were unable to tell their parents about their love due to family conflicts.Both Romeo and Juliet confined in Friar Laurence and in isolation they turn to him for neutral advice. Initially, he was surprised at Romeo that how he has left Rosaline and fallen in love with Juliet so most often he warned Romeo of his arbitrary decisions. He warned Romeo that he must be careful in his acts but later on, he agrees that Romeo and Juliet should marry to a hope that their marriage could buy a reunion of the Capulet and the Montague. Although he was having a pure intention behind marrying Romeo and Juliet his actions and advice indicate that he was naïve in assessing the dispute between the two families and has not reflected on the consequences of Romeo and Juliet’s secret marriage (Character Traits/Personality — Friar Laurence, 2018).The character of Friar Laurence also depicts the generation gap and how different age groups have different needs and thoughts. Friar Laurence often tries to pacify Romeo on his banishment by giving him rational and logical arguments. On hearing such arguments Romeo has quickly replied that he will not understand his condition because he is not young, and he is not in love and if this was the case with him then he would not have accepted this advice any better.Friar Laurence was a caring holy man with a strong character of a wise man who gave rational views on life to both protagonists. He was having knowledge of plants and believes in nature. The presence of Friar Laurence also shows the inevitability of nature and fate. Whatever plans you made, but it will end with the victory of fate; as in case of Romeo and Juliet’s death. He made a master plan of faking Juliet’s death on her wedding night. All went well according to their plan but the real problem started when they were not having any backup plan for what will happen if Romeo did not get what is happening, and it did happen when Romeo found about Juliet’s death he took the poison and died. Moreover, when Juliet woke up and saw her lover died, she also killed herself. So the plan made by Friar Laurence bought death of both lovers. In the play if Friar Laurence has not planned this, both lovers might have lived; and even if the logical and rational Friar has thought about such uncertainties and has planned accordingly, both lovers could have been saved.If there was no Friar Laurence in the play then both the storyline and its elements would be different. He has affected the play and its characters in a unique way. He was having the good intention of marrying bot lovers but was failed in his plan but even then it was the failing of Friar Laurence’s plan that brought the resolution of age long dispute between the two families (Swann, West, & Shakespeare, n.d).ReferencesCharacter Traits/Personality – Friar Laurence. (2018). Retrieved 18 April 2018, from–character-traits-personalitySwann, P., West, R., & Shakespeare, W. (n.d). The people vs. Friar Laurence, the man who killed Romeo and Juliet.

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