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Published: 2021-07-06 23:08:29
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IntroductionThe movie starts with the illustration of the importance of the seed diversity across the world. The various stakeholders including the farmers and lawyers fond that seeds diversity has supported life all along. It is estimated that the past 12000 years have been supported by the availability of food that came from the variety of the food sources. Therefore, many of the stakeholders, especially the farmers feel that the seeds are living things and should be given their space. They think and understand well that the seeds have a lifespan just as the rest of the living creatures. It is revealed that the wish of the people is to retain their seeds as long as they can. They are opposed to modification of the seeds as they feel this loses the sense of their uniqueness.The film indicates that about 94% of all the seeds all over the world have diminished due to the effect of food modification. The farmers, lawyers, scientists and the indigenous keepers feel that the change is bad for the people. They think that it has brought about all the challenges that people are facing. The problem of modification is all blamed on the greed of people in commodifying food. The food factor has become commercial whereas it is expected to be a basic need for all the people. In the world today, biotech companies have turned the food markets for commercial benefits at the expense of the health of the people. A voice from one of the farmers in the film indicates that the biotech companies are there to induce poison to the seed variety. They have led to the distinction of more than 94% of all the seeds in the past. Their continuous presence in the market leads to poor aspects of dieting. However, the war between the biotech companies is one of David and Goliath. This is because the biotech companies have the financial muscle to prove their cases right. The governments tend to support the companies due to their ability to pay taxes effectively. The farmers and the scientists, as well as the conservation agents, are left for the shock.The film is entirely related to the class being undertaken. This is because the biotech seeds take the form of the GMO seeds. GMO seeds are ones that have been modified and have lost the original content and shape. They have lost the original value that was cherished by the people. The GMOs have raised concern regarding their health aspect of the human body. This is also reflected in the film when the farmer complains that the biotech companies use poison to modify the natural seeds. The film also applies concerning the regionally based agriculture. In the movie, seeds are said to be adjusted to adapt to may form of weather. Therefore, they lose the meaning of diversity in firms. The same seeds are planted across all regions. The variety expected in the seeds is consequently lost to modification of the seeds through chemical processes.ConclusionThe film presents various lessons. The main lesson learnt is that the biotechnology is slowly interfering with the diversity of our seeds and ultimately with the food security in future. It is well portrayed that since the application of the first biotech program, more than 94% of the seed variety has been lost. This is an indication that the array of food in the world is reducing from time to time. This is quite dangerous regarding food security in future as well as the human health. Therefore, the war against the biotech foods needs to be heightened to fight probable food insecurity in future.References

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