Self-Care Deficit Theory Case Study

Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:20
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The theory selected is Dorothea Orem’s Self-care Deficit Theory. There are several factors why this particular theory was chosen. The method assumes that people should be responsible for their care, self-reliant to themselves and family members who may need care. Another assumption of the theory is that people are distinct individuals. In this case, the concerns are on the self-care. Self-care involves activities that an individual practices, initiates as well as performs on behalf of maintaining his or her life. Besides, it requires self-care agency which engages the patient in self-care conditioned through the developmental state as well as resources available (D’Souza et al., 2017). All the more thus, it includes remedial self-mind request which calls for add up to self-mind activities that are to be improved. There are additionally related arrangements of exercises and activities and self-mind imperatives including the classifications of formative and also necessities for wellbeing deviation.Another concept of the theory is a self-care deficit. The idea is necessary especially when the adult is incapable of the provision of adequate self-care. In this case, Mr. Juan Duran has poor vision and thus may need this theory. The theory is therefore made of five methods that include guiding others, doing for and acting for others, providing a conducive environment as well as supporting another.Jenny may need some additional information due to the model that is selected. For instance, she must assess the development state that involves despair vs. Ego integrity (Moura et al., 2015). More so, he must determine the health care system that requires institutional health care. Information that he may collect is about the environment such as the items that are not easy to reach.According to the model, Jenny needs to initiate a plan of care toward Mr. Duran. Some of the programs that Jenny would begin may include:Ensuring that the patient can maintain sufficient food intakeMaintaining adequate intake of airKeeping enough water intakeMaintaining balance between activity and restProviding care based on adequate excrements and elimination processesEnsuring that there is balance in solitude and social interactionPreventing human life to hazards and human functioning as well as human well-beingPromoting human development and functioning within social groups according to human potentialThe environment that the patient may be in may affect human development and functioning. As such, the health may be affected by person and the situation. Therefore it is good for Mr. Duran to understand the environment and how it may change him. Self-care requisite is the needs that result from injury, illness as well as disease and its treatment. If the patient is in a position to understand self-care requisites, then goals can be established through healthy functioning, health maintenance, well-being and personal development. Besides, the targets can drive the care measure needed in meeting therapeutic self-care demand. The latter consists of care measures summation that is necessary for achieving self-care requisite for an individual.If a different model got used then, Jenny would have assessed Mr. Duran differently. The model selected shows nursing as unique knowledge field with professional practices. According to the model, nursing involves intervention required in meeting the need for medical care and self-care. According to the theory, the nurse gets mandated in providing care as well as creating a system between a nurse and patient. Other models view nursing as a concept toward helping patients in coping positive mechanism and outcome in response to stimuli exposure (Shah, Abdullah, & Khan, 2015). Besides, nursing may be considered to be orientation practice in a scientific discipline. With such differences in nursing view then different models apply differently to patients.ReferencesD’Souza, M. S., Karkada, S. N., Venkatesaperumal, R., & Natarajan, J. (2017). Self-care behaviours and glycemic control among adults with type 2 diabetes. GSTF Journal of Nursing and Health Care (JNHC), 2(1).Moura, P. C. D., Braga, L. M., Domingos, C. S., Rodrigues, N. V., Correia, M. D. L., & Oliveira, L. V. A. (2015). Diagnoses and nursing interventions in hypertensive and diabetic individuals according to Orem’s Theory. Northeast Network Nursing Journal, 15(6).Shah, M., Abdullah, A., & Khan, H. (2015). Compare and Contrast of Grand Theories: Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory and Roy’s Adaptation Model. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING, 5(1).

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