Social Diversity in Contemporary Times

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:21
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Social diversity, in contemporary times, has ignited the need of technological advancements that could facilitate engagement and interactions overcoming demographical and geographical constraints. I have grown up studying history according to with social diversity has led to social discrimination, segregation, and stratification such as in case of the American history of slavery and civil war. However, as I have grown – personally and professionally, I came to realize that diversity is not a socio-cultural threat, instead, it can be harbored for more social, corporate and political benefits. And for this purpose, the technology is playing the role of a bridge to promote global integration, interaction, engagement and communication that can develop a sense of tolerance, patience, and reliability at various paradigms.Since a very young age, I always wanted to share, engage and collaborate with my friends whenever I had a new toy, gadget, etc. At the same time, the developments and enhancements in information technology have always intrigued me. Since the very beginning, I have been a major fan of technological developments, gadgets, and automated tools. However, my interest was not limited to only purchasing and collecting these gadgets. Instead, I was more interested in understanding what makes them so intriguing, efficient and performance oriented – easing the human lives and creating more opportunities and exposures for them. When I bought my first PlayStation (PS3), I did not use it like normal kids of my age. Instead, I theoretically researched about its mechanisms, its functionalities, etc. And based on my research, experiments and observations I developed several cheat codes, modified functionalities, and hardware extensions for my PS3 that reformed the way it was used. As a result of these modifications, I could now connect with my friends having any release of PlayStation, and play collaboratively. I believe this was my first exposure to observe the ability of the technology to engage and interact by disregarding the geographic and demographic limitations.As I grew academically, I decided to pursue my passion as my major academic interest as well. For this purpose, I did my bachelors in ABC to further observe the greatness of technology combined with the importance of problem-solving techniques with the optimized use of available resources aimed at the reformation of communication, interaction, and engagement that could overcome the constraints of social diversity.It was during my undergraduate years that I actually experienced the benefits and pros of diversity. During my academic years, I got the opportunity to engage, communicate and collaborate with students from diverse ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Interacting and working with them in form of a team helped me diversify and expand by psychological horizon and perceptions. It was because of the technological advancements that difference in language, culture, and ethnicity never became a constraint for our interaction. This further prepared me for my future profession. At the same time, I also developed an interest in researching the impact of technology to reduce the adversaries of diversity and harnessing its benefits for better world view and corporate performance.Moreover, my previously developed technology oriented sense forced me to analyze certain aspects of automation, and artificial technology domains that are aiming to revolutionize the way business, corporate and enterprise paradigms work. Furthermore, I have also a specific interest in gaming technology and development. I believe that this particular domain is of great importance not only for entertainment purposes but also for facilitating the young minds by training them for trivial problem solving, rapid decision making, critical thinking and sharpening the mental reflexes for better focus and attention. I realized that the major requirement is not the invention but the optimization of the existing systems and processes.I have further realized that the importance of technology and development is not only vested in inventions, development, and automation. Instead, it is largely dependent on research and development. To develop the right type of system application, it is important to be aware of future trends, social requirements, contemporary feasibility analysis, intuitive and futuristic worldview, etc. With these use of these skills and competencies, the right type of application can be developed.Apart from these aspects, I am specifically interested in Big Data as the most recent technological paradigm. I believe that data has become one of the most valuable and important assets of recent times. With the digitization of resources, communication, interaction, corporate engagement, businesses, commerce, etc. the amount of data has also grown exponentially. This data is valuable as it allows the companies and organizations to develop strategies, make effective decisions, conduct precise forecasts, etc. Precisely, it can be said that any exploitation of this data can lead to damage of millions of dollars. This has intrigued me to study the expansive opportunities related to the management, utilization, optimized storage, security and vulnerabilities of this data. Again, in this domain, I aim to focus on research to identify methods and mechanisms that could further enhance the use of data assets by securing and efficiently optimizing them.For me, Technology is one of the most compelling, appealing and interesting professional domain with a significant scope of growth and development – personally, professionally and socially. I believe the field of engineering and research combined with Technological insights can be extremely helpful in overcoming issues such as wastage of resources, risk and feasibility analysis, audit and control management, etc. I believe that a role of a Technology Engineer is not limited to technical aspects only. Instead, it can have significant impact on socio – political and economic aspects as well. I believe if the Technology Engineers can play their role efficiently and effectively, they can help the concerned authorities in enhancing the organizational performance and optimized use of resources.Apart from academics, I have other personal interests as well that hinted my parents to prepare me for technology degree at a very early age. Other than this, some other interests of mine include dramatics and music. Having performed on stage several times, I have developed the skills to use time effectively and manage the available resources in such a way that they can be utilized at their maximum. Attending the courses in Self-Building, further added to my interpersonal and communication skills.Having said that, I believe I have all the required skills and qualities for being a good IT professional with intrinsic and extrinsic skills that include: leadership skills, intercommunication skills, professional experience, interest in the technology based solutions, and passion for further researches in the respective domain.Having studied at ABC University, I wanted to pursue further education in a diverse environment. I chose to study in the United States with the hope of experiencing a diverse social and academic life. The University X, in U.S., offers a dynamic, inter related and diverse environment since they have students enrolled belonging to a diverse range of origins and nations. Opportunity to meet new people, and observe & experience an open space that is always ready to meet up with the new challenges; will surely help me further build my engineering, research, managerial and organizational skills concerning a broader horizon. Critically analyzing all of my above-stated skills, interests and mental capabilities, I am sure to embrace any and all the challenges coming in my way in the University and come out as a responsible and mature professional.

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