Social Issues/Pressure or Health Statistics helps in determining Strategies

Published: 2021-07-07 00:25:35
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The overall inequalities of health sector that we can see today among different countries of the world represents a major challenge to the modern world and life expectancy must be of around 45 years in various countries. An increasing number of researchers have identified social issues or pressure as the main source of inequalities in health care. Social issues/pressure factors are related to transmissible and non-transmissible diseases. Hence Health status must be given great importance to policy makers in all sectors of life, not only those who are involved in health policy. In reaction to this challenge faced by most of the countries, WHO is initiating a Commission whose major responsibilities include the examination of the evidence related the issues and raise social discussion, and endorse policies to improve the health of the world’s increasing population. The major goal of making this commission is to revolve public health facts into political acts. Globalization has caused the social structure in many countries under stress, and mental disability, and also health systems are failed to perform as they have to perform. Some would not agree with this that the health systems need to answer in a better, faster and reliable way to the requirements of people and the challenges of the modern world.(Marmot, 2005)National health policies, strategies, and plans provide an agenda to every country for dealing with the complex range of social issues and pressure that are needed to improve health outcomes and to make health strategies. It also includes those issues that are related to the MDG (Millennium Development Goals)and other countrywide major health issues, such as un-spreadable diseases. Close Communication of different stakeholders makes the developing policies to health problems, strategies for it, goals, and making plans to counter it could lead to an additional stable, intelligible method that is required to a variation of better use of assets for health and move forward to see long-term improvements in the health sector. So health planners, government officials, and healthcare organizations also use social issues/pressure and health statistics to make health strategies.(“NICHSR,” n.d.)ReferencesMarmot, M. (2005). Social determinants of health inequalities. The Lancet, 365(9464), 1099–1104.NICHSR. (n.d.). [Training Material and Manuals]. Retrieved from

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