Social Media Implications on the Youthful Generation

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:59
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The Internet revolution has brought about many advantages and equally, a lot of uncertainties to man. The internet is widely praised for how it has enabled man to carry out communication efficiently, in addition to making the world a small village. The corporate world, individuals as well as the learning world have all turned to the use of the internet for the various valuable information that it contains. Consequently, the social media is still a product of the internet, and it has gained new momentum in the current times (Kurniasih, 2017). Everyone in the society has turned into the various social media sites for a variety of reasons. Accordingly, increased social media usage among the youth comes with a variety of disadvantages.Social media sites offer an interactive platform between people. Some of the common places that people have subscribed in significant numbers include, first, WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram amongst others. The various platforms offer communication between people in a variety of ways. First, individuals can get to exchange written messages between each other and in other situation, the various sites have incorporated the messaging, voice calling as well as the video calling options. Social media has gained much popularity, more so to the young people across the world. Consequently, the same group of people is predisposed to further risks.Increased social media use leads to addictive and dependence effects. Addiction refers to the situation where individuals find it hard to carry out their normal operation without the association with something they have been used. When the young people continually engage themselves on the sites, it is evident that addiction will develop, since it will become a habit that will be hard quitting. Consequently, the addiction levels will further impact on their productivity as young people, in addition to making them entirely dependent on the sites for satisfaction and socialization (Andreassen et al., 2016). This soon makes individuals less social in the various communities they live.Excessive social media usage is linked to time wastage as young people. Young people are at such a crucial time in their development that a lot of time is required for gradual improvement. Social media addiction leads to a situation where the students tend to spend their time in the various sites at the expense of the time they could have spent learning. Furthermore, the young people have a lot of productive activities that they can engage in as learners. The activities tend to be sidelined, with the much preference to spending time on social media. The trend is on the rise, considering the much accessibility of smartphones devices to the young population. Hence, school academic performance deterioration is inevitable, in addition to slowed down progress.Social media on an increased rate is associated with mental and psychological disorders. Addiction has a wide range of effects on the individuals. Research points out that social media has an association to mental defects among young people which has characteristics such as the psychological preoccupation, withdrawal symptoms as well as increased depressive symptoms (Moreno et al., 2011). Additionally, individuals tend to develop anxiety as well as eating disorders which is in connection with social media addiction. When individual get to increase the rate at which they engage in social media, the dangers that they are predisposed to include, though not limited to mental and psychological disordersSocial media is a platform where the young people are exposed to inappropriate content. Most of the time, there is no such restriction on the kind of content that people share in the various sites. Hence, the population is vulnerable to the exposure to uncensored internet material sharing such as nudity and pornography, which in turn, affects their morals and behaviors. While the social media cannot be easy to monitor, it will require much self-discipline on the side of the youth so as to prevent the exposure to such content.Cyberbullying and cybercrime are common incidences across the social media sites. In the current times, the internet and the social media sites have become targets for fraud and crimes that are highly punishable by the law. According to Hamm et al., (2015), various persons have become victims of cyberbullying in the multiple sites. The incidence has negative implications for the individuals considering that the mass turns violent or against one person, which is not physical. In many instances, the victims are left with psychological issues, decreased self-esteem in addition to some cases of suicide and development of suicidal thoughts.Social media has had much usage in the current society, and consequently, many effects on the youth users. It is evident that the increased usage leads to social media addiction, increased chances of mental influences and therefore, depression and eating disorders. More so, the internet usage and social media use can be time wasting for the youthful age and also for the scholars that have to concentrate on their school’s work. Social media also happens to be an agent of degraded morals due to the sharing of inappropriate content. Lastly, cyberbullying and cybercrimes predispose the youths to many risks.ReferencesAndreassen, C. S., Billieux, J., Griffiths, M. D., Kuss, D. J., Demetrovics, Z., Mazzoni, E., & Pallesen, S. (2016). 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