Social Media Networking Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-07-07 00:04:29
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IntroductionSocial Media networking has revolutionized the way global communication and interaction takes place. However, with the evolution of communication mediums, the social media is also becoming a psychological addiction for the young users. This addiction is in terms of extensive use and immersive digital nature of the social media that engages the user in a virtual world.Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior. Respective source is a credible research study that highlights how the various forms of mass media is affecting the overall behavior and attitude of the users. The study focuses on explaining how negative behaviors are becoming more common because of these contemporary forms of mass media. The authors specifically discussed the role of social media in shaping up the negative behavior of the users who use social media for elongated hours. Respective study is extremely important and significant in understanding the association of psychological tendencies, social violence and virtual impressiveness of vulnerable minds of the users.Social Media Addiction Is a Bigger Problem than You Think. Respective paper is very useful in understanding how the social media is affecting the social psychology and perceptions. The article explains how Social Media, like any other form of mass media, have significant and long-lasting impact on the perceptions, ideologies and philosophies of a common user. These perceptual impacts become more prominent and sometimes stereotypical when they are focusing on ethnic or national identities. Some of the most common forms of cross-national or ethnic effects that the social media creates is usually in form of hate speech or negativities. While there have been good impacts for goodwill of the people as well, but the impact of hate speech is usually more apparent, violent and gruesome.Social Media Becoming An Addiction? This article evaluates the addictive nature of social media that engages the users for extensive periods of time. As an instrument of business or politics, media in this sense will dependably be manipulative, molding an individual’s convictions with a specific end goal to drive them to purchase certain items or backing a specific strategy. It must be said that media per se is not the guilty. It is an unbiased instrument that can be utilized both for good and awful results The limit of media to effect constructive or antagonistic effects on an individual or a given society depends on the people utilizing the media as a capable device to propel their own, regularly selfish causes.12 Signs That You’re Addicted to Social Media. This is a very precise and succinct article about how to diagnose or identify if we are addicted to social media one way or the other. Presented in form of a magazine article, the study has the ability to identify and list the main signs of being a social media addiction. Furthermore, the article is also important in understanding the degree to which the media can manipulate the public is additionally because of the propensity of people to promptly trust the data that is being introduced to them and to act inside of certain predictable examples. The public must be more careful about what they hear or see and stand firm on what they really accept. We must be more condemning of the data that we get realizing that they might be tainted by concealed motivation.Current Issues: Online Social Networking. SIRS Issues Researcher, https://sks.sirs.comThis article provides a general overview about the social media networking and its implications on overall society. The source presents the study about how the social media has given the opportunity to the youngsters to voice their opinions and get engaged in global interactions. Furthermore, the appearance of social media has given the public a stage to in a split second respond to news articles, spread it crosswise over and impact other people also, galvanizing activities and starting genuine reforms. Overall, this is a generic source that helps in understanding the main functionalities and purposes of social media.

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