Sports and Russia: The New Image

Published: 2021-07-07 00:02:44
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For a long time, until the October Revolution of 1917, Russia was ruled by a king in a pre-business and totalitarian soil. However, the transition towards the “communism” obscurantist Middle Ages through free enterprise might not be disappointed. According to Eric Hobsbawm in his new book, “How to Change,” “Russian world was far from being able to offer anything other than the exaggeration of a communist society -” Chinese domain redness “as Plekhanov warned” (Hobsbawm 2011, 13)Before World War II, the rivalry of all games was sent to the Soviet Union. Greater travel beyond that has been associated with challenges against socialist groups or neighboring countries such as Iran and Finland. To war and the election to join the alliance of games worldwide and the IOC in May 1951 should be given the idea that the Soviet competitors coincide with the value of “rookie.” It so happened that competitors can now be ordered either as a backup or as a sponsored professional license or club game company. About the Dynamo and the Central Sports Club of the Army, the participants will make a commission, but it is not necessary, that has been submitted to the military control of any type. Other sports teachers or other people will be assigned to the work environment, but only to visit is to collect the monthly payment.And it is reasonable to begin our investigation at stake in a totalitarian state before Lenin with a little ‘wear and tear and his companions. It shows us how the new Soviet state became king and periodically Russian conditions. Thus, since 1991, it has been transferred from the Russian Aborigines Soviet to the multiethnic Russian citizens, “Mother Russia.” This is not an investment before 1917 since in the Realms Russia was a spiritual kingdom, composed of more than a hundred different nationalities. At present, surprisingly, the Russians have a nation (mostly) alone. In today’s vast lands the Russians account for about 80 percent of the population, which is about 49 percent.There is also another, in some cases, the game is often ignored. The general public of catastrophic changes and Tirana fascism dogmas has gained exceptional importance for ordinary people such as personality and kindness as well as Plato’s purity. Nikolai Starostin, only the Soviet football team, and died in the Gulag, the usual explanation for this part, discussing Soviet football in the 1930s:“I believe in part the social importance of football before the war and because of unusual steel relationships that people have with them as a whole.” It seems that some people are separated by hitting them. By way of comparison, without reason, Gentiles sought darkness in his interest in blind eternity. For the vast majority of football was high, and sometimes the final chance to avoid any modest island expectations of their soul’s real emotions and human relationships. “(Starostin 1989, 83).This is remarkable in part under the totalitarian control of gambling observation and refers to the games of men and women, as well as fans in all these countries if Nazi Germany, Fascist, Spain Italy or any phalanx or were or were Company.Russia game is based somewhere in the history of Russia in the overall population of the arrangements in the atmosphere, internal and external fears (ground enemies, bordered by nearly twenty distant expressions), dismantled the game, basically, the Great Britain, Drum schools in Germany (January) Scandinavia (Ling and Nate all) and Czech lands (Tyr), as well as in preparation for Prussia military. The same components formed an example of the game in Russia as political beliefs and commercial advertising.Because modern culture has developed in Russia in the nineteenth century, IAM supernatural liberal liberties and industrial venues in Russia (mostly English, Scottish, and German) began creating private entertainment venues in vast urban areas. They were made in games, for example, recreational sailing (Imperial Yacht Club, dating back to 1846), tennis (“Nevsky Luneau-tennis club”, 1860), ice skating (Skating Friends Society, 1864) Fencing The official paddock physical training drum “1857” (artistic gymnastics company in 1863) and cricket (St. Petersburg’s tennis and cricket club, since 1868). Commercial promoters also provided viewers and players matching games such as Boxing Arena (Baron Kister, 1895), cycling (bike around the Tsarskoye Selo circle, 1880) and football (football Victoria, which is the primary developer of the team Football in 1894, year) understands he exhibits different quality, which covered international artists such as George Estonia Russian Ivan Poddubny and his sister Masha Hakkenshmidt Poddubnaya.When we returned to the new century, Russian games were several offices, and on the eve of the First World War in 1266 Russian game clubs had a reasonable number of students coming from 60 people. While most of these clubs have been in the leading industrialized regions, Russian urban communities have developed an additional number. For example, there were 196 organizations with 8,000 people to play, and Belarus were a thousand people in the Sanitas, Falcon, Maccabi clubs and club vegetables.The proposals for the development of financial policies and political games (rapid industrialization, agricultural collectivization and political autocracy) in the late 1960s and late 1930s was crucial as a good example of Soviet games throughout the country, Report on the social order of sports schools, the national work program and a common basis for individual games. New prosperity of the company saw all sorts of games with teams competing in complaints, containers, equipment, initial reviews and legends that light. They are all designed to provide entertainment and care to urban masses. Large groups of cities and “security” (“Dinamo”) with their current rights generous rivalry in each game. As a result, the head of class football in 1938, includes in its 26 clubs from nine and six “Dinamo” clubs (Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Tbilisi, Odessa, and Rostov).In 1935, the government introduced the social order of the game, in the light of trade unions: Spartak for professional workers, railroad locomotive experts, auto industry coach and so on. Together with clubs and military security forces, they formed a group of permanent specialist experts say container competition and national association founded in 1936. One of the main tasks of the social orders of the games was to see how the momentum for the improvement of the criteria through the association and the level of direct competition they go as a “transmission belt” for competitors who can. Once you find them, it was important to organize them as shown at the skill level and give them a motivator and an impressive improvement to understand their potential. That is why we have presented a mixed list of records in 1937, with the aid of diagrams, moments, departments or weights recorded in each case or potential competition. After the competitor has increased in the calendar of three adults and reached “Sports Ace,” which can be applied to the total duration of delivery, whether it is opening a job or work.Many games and exhibitions, which formed the basis of work and games offered to make a “communion” and religious feeling. In general, the periodic activation of sport to start with major events and political parties (the anniversary of the May Revolution, Constitution Day), thus linking people in the general population, in the game, from the bedroom, the party And, of course, Dzhozef Stalin from Pioneer.In general, in the 1930s, between play and the armed forces, it was restored in close connection with the belief that the state, under the threat of force (especially with the rise of autocracy in Italy and Germany) must be United Army. Don becomes transparent to provide a preliminary and moderate military training exercise high hopes for prosperity and national security. Two of the club’s biggest and best games, however, are still in charge of military and safety restrictions: The Red Army Central House (later they arrived at the detention center, separate from the CSKA Army sports center) and the Dynamo. After 1931, as the functioning of the national system, the GTO, which was designed to prepare, through the game, people are willing to fight and work.Russia Reduces GTO – Ready Trudeau Gaborone – which means “organized work and advocacy” The smallest work program “being willing to work and lawyers” provides an overview of the starting point. The fundamental goal of health depends on the identification of the Baden-Powell Boys Scouts in “compete” and “marker,” based on the book opened for children in 1909, but never attributed. Historiography curvature Yelnya, Lenin quotes the creator, after “experts should be ready.Finally, other countries outside Russia (Germany, Italy, Spain) began to convert sport in these cases, to promote pure power, strength, and images within the company, using the game for hiding or to increase the size of the country, decisions, and sacrifices inhuman military leaders.Citation:Hobsbawm, E. J. How to change the world: Marx and Marxism 1840-2011. London: Little, Brown, 2011.Edelman, Robert. Serious fun: a history of spectator sports in the USSR. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993.

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