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Published: 2021-07-06 23:13:14
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History and introduction of stamp actThe stamp act was introduced in the year of 1765. It was an act that was related to the payment of the internal taxes that the American colonists have to pay. It was imposed by the British government on the American colonists. The history of the stamp act is related to the seven years old war that began in the year of the 1756 and it ended in the year of 1763. It was a seven-year lasting war. It causes the British government to come under the high debt. According to this act, the tax has to be paid about all of the paper documents in the American colonists. The amount that was obtained from tax from North America was used for the revenue causes. It was announced regarding the tax that the representative of the colonies has to pay this tax. Then the representative of the colonies of America that were under the command of Britain has to pay them for the all sort of the paper documentation they will do.Impacts of stamp actBut this rule created a situation of the disturbance and confusion in the colonies of America. According to the colonies, this law was totally unconstitutional. They presented the point that this law was baseless and there was no logic to this law. They decided to stand firm for this act of the British government. They joined their hands together. And in the form of the massive and the violent crowd, they forced and horrified the stamp collector to resign for their job. There was a condition of the turmoil in the state.Declaratory actSeeing the worsening condition of the state, they issued another act in the year of 1766. This act was named as the declaratory act. In this act, it was clearly announced that any law or the act could be applied in any of the colony if it is considered beneficial. So according to the declaratory act, it became clear to the people of the colonies that any law or act could be imposed on the colonies either it is supported by the people of the colonies or not. It is totally in the upper hands. So they had to bear the rules and the regulation of the higher authorities. The systems of the colonies were turning to the system of the slaves. It began to create the feeling of the hatred and a rebellion in the public of the American colonies public. The stamp act was the start of the rebellion in the colonies of America. It was due to the same reason that after the ten years of the stamp act the American was standing with their army In front of the British government.Causes of stamp act implementationThe war of the seven years was between France and Great Britain. This war was regarding the control of North America. As result of the war, Great Britain was able to get the control of the Canada and France was totally evicted out of the continent. Although Britain won in this seven-year war it came under the burden of the big debt. The most benefited party of the war was the American colonists who were in the state of the 80 years of the long war with France. After the war when Britain came under the debt, then it decided that in reducing the level of the debt the colonies had to play the part. British had a long and wide system of the colonies that they got through the system of the trade like subcontinent. British established a lot of other acts too that were only for the colonies not for the public of Britain itself. The first such act was the sugar act that was introduced in the year of 1764. In this act, the new responsibilities were associated with the sugar and other some products. The ratios of such acts were increasing regarding the colonies. Similar to the sugar act, stamp act was introduced for the American colonies only. It was introduced by the first prime minister and the minister of the Treasury George Grenville.Reaction of American colonies on actThe fact that frustrated the people of the American colonies was that the stamp act was passed by the government without any kind of the restriction and it was implemented in the American colonies. There was much movement against the stamp act by the people of the American colony. One of the opponents of the stamp act said in his speech that either liberty should be given to here or he should be endowed with the death. American was getting affected by this. This was creating frustration and movement inside them. Their colony was turning in the condition of the slavery. It was not only necessary for them but also the need of the time that they should raise the voice against it. If it would not be done then the situation would have become worse.It was expected the colonists would be given the duties like the responsibilities of the trade and other products. But it was not done. The stamp act was presented by the president and was imposed on the American colonies. According to this act they had to pay the tax as being the colony of Britain in order to reduce the debt that the kingdom has to face during the war. According to this act, the American colonists were informed that any of the printed document that either that is the legal document or any of the printed document will be provided with a stamp of the tax. This stamp would be the commissioner distributor whose responsibility is to collect the tax on the return of that stamp. The stamp would be applied on any of the paper material like the newspaper, any book, and pamphlet.Not only was this is also applied to the playing card too. This was the worse form of the act. It created the sensation of the rebellion and the hatred among the American colonists. The colonies of the Americans were told that the amount and cash that would be collected from the stamp act would be used in the peace maintenance of the colonies of America. From that amount, the Britain soldiers would be appointed at colonies so that an atmosphere of the peace would be established in colonies. And it was also announced with the act that if anyone did not follow the act would be declared as the criminal and would be punished immediately.Initiative of colonies resistanceBritain was passing through the condition of the economic declination. The colony of America was strongly resisting against the stamp act. There were also parts of the colonies who accepted the parliament of Britain so that they maintain their trade and continue it on the smooth line. But they force that the imposition of the taxes should only be declared by their concerning assemblies not all the imposition on the colonies should be done through the British parliament because they were not provided with the right to chose the member of the British parliament. On the stamp that was being provided by the British for the tax collection, there was a dark logo on the side opposite to the stamp. This was evident from the design that the colonists were going to lose their freedom soon. They would come under the status of the slaves soon. It was logic less point that the army troops would be provided in the colonies when there was no fear of the attack from the French. The presence of the army troops in the colonies was causing the frustration among the American. Was it any kind of the signal from Britain or what?Rebellion of coloniesThe stamp act was forcefully implemented in the American colonies although they were not in the favor of the act. Resistance was started in the colonies against the Britain government. Now this resistance was increasing. The first prominent person who spoke against the action of the British was Patrick Henry. He pursued everyone not to accept any kind of the tax act of Britain. The message of the resistance was spread on his broad spectrum through the newspaper. With the every passing day, the resistance was increasing on the wider spectrums. When it reached the British government, they did something totally new and unexpected. They implemented another act. They presented another act before the implication of the stamp act. The second act was called declaratory act. According to this act, it was made clear that British parliament could implement any of the acts or law on the colonies is that is proved to be beneficial for the Britain government. So stamp act was legal for the American colonies. From all these scenarios, the open rebellion was created and finally, it resulted in the independence of America after 10 years.BibliographyBorrow, Thomas C. 1963. Archibald Cummings’ Plan for a Colonial Revenue, 1722,” New (accessed 2018).Branes. The Dominion of New England: A Study in British Colonial Policy. New (accessed 2018).Edmund, Andros &.,+Who+Acted+by+an+Illegal+and+Arbitrary+Commission+from+the+Late+King+James+during+his+Government+in+Ne.nesnay, Mary. 2014. (accessed 2018).Robinson, Acemalogo &. 2012. (accessed 2018).Walworth, Alvord &. 1917. (accessed 2018).

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