State Board of Nursing (BON) vs ANA

Published: 2021-07-07 00:07:49
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Professional Roles and ValuesBON the power to enforce laws while ANA has no authority to do the same. The ANA is empowered to make recommendations to the activities that BON needs to adopt or that has taken long time for the boards of nursing to adopt.Roles of the OrganizationsThe BON does regulation of the nursing practice, gives licensure to the nurses and offers approval to the nursing education programs. The body also performs investigation to determine whether the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) is violated and executes disciplinary measures to the potential violators. Furthermore, the BON proposes changes to the NPA which would then be passed by the legislatures. On the other hand, ANA advances the nursing profession. They offer suggestions to new kinds of practice for the nursing profession which needs to be integrated into the nurses’ code of conduct.How the Two Organizations Influence my Nursing PracticeThe two bodies influence my nursing practice by passing reasonable laws that regulate the nursing practice. The laws requires competence and carefulness when executing the nursing duties and thus nurses must work hard to achieve the required skills for better execution of responsibilities.Requirements for Professional License Renewal in New YorkThe NY nursing licenses must be renewed after every three years at a fee of $35 per renewal period. Any registered nurse (RN) renewing his or her license must not have more than 5 months left in the present registration status. Additionally, the nurse’s valid registration must not have expired less than four months ago. For online renewal, one must have the PIN provided on the document for registration renewal and must complete the online applications for renewal.Consequences of the Failure to Maintain License RequirementsAnyone who fails to meet the license requirements in New York faces the appropriate disciplinary. A case may be filed against that nurse which may lead to revoking of the license among other disciplinary measures such as paying fines.Compact versus Non-Compact StatesThe NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact) gives opportunities to RNs to possess multi state licenses. As a result, the RNs under NLC can offer nursing services in both home state and other compact states. Conversely, the RNs in non-compact states can only offer nursing services in their own state and hence are limited in opportunities.Functional Differences of FDA and CMSThe FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is charged with the responsibility of protecting the public health by making sure that there is efficacy, safety, and security of medical devices, drugs (both human and veterinary), biological products, food supply for the nation, cosmetics and radiate products. On the other hand, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) collects data and analyzes it, produces reports concerning health research, and is responsible for eliminating the cases of abuse and fraud within the system of the healthcare of the United States.How the Two Regulatory Bodies Influences My Professional Nursing PracticeThe CMS has greatly influenced my career in nursing because it has assisted me to be an advocate for all my patients. On the other hand, the FDA influences my nursing profession by regulating the drugs which administer to my patients. The standards set my FDA assists me in delivering the medicines with known facts.My Role as a Patient AdvocateThe nurses are expected to act as advocates for the patients. In case a patient requests for alternative treatment, it is the responsibility of nurses to guide the patients and offer information concerning the therapy requested by the patients. Being an advocate for the sick means that the nurses are expected to support the patients’ interests and should be available to guide them where they need assistance.Purposes of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA)In New York, the NPA act defines the responsibilities of the nurses. The act requires nurses to diagnose and treat human diseases through case finding, health counselling, and implementation of medical regimes following physician’s prescriptions and offering restorative care. Besides, the law also states the rights of nurses and specifies the measures taken to a nurse executing duties outside the personal scope of competence.Scope of PracticeIn the New York state, the nurses are required by the law to administer tests and drugs pursuant to specific orders of the patients in exception to certain PPD (purified Protein Derivative) tests, immunizations, Hepatitis C tests, anaphylaxis treatments and HIV tests. The tests and treatments mentioned above are administered pursuant to non-specific orders normally issued by a physician or a nurse specialist.Delegation for RN in New YorkNew York defines delegation as the transfer of the responsibility of performing an activity from one person to another while being accountable for any result arising from the delegation. The state of New York specifies that RN is charged with the responsibility of exercising correct judgement in the delegation of the responsibilities.Application of Various roles in Professional NursingAs a scientist, a nurse is expected to know the mechanisms of all disorders and appropriate medicines used for managing the diseases. The nurses must also be informed of the current procedures, policies and practices.As a detective, the nurse should apply his or her clinical imagination together with the science of nursing to perceive any subtle change and deviation from the normal patterns of human beings in preventing and controlling severe outcomes.As a manager of the healing environment, the responsibility of the nurse is to gain understanding of how various environmental designs reduce stress and anxiety of the patients.Provisions of the ANAFirst, the nurse must execute duties with respect and compassion for the innate dignity, worth and the unique characteristics of every human being. Second, the nurse owes the same responsibilities to self and to others which includes the role of promoting health and safety, preserving wholeness of integrity and character, maintaining competence, and progressing in terms of personal and professional growth.How the Provisions Influence my Nursing PracticeAlthough the first provision states that nurses should act with compassion and respect, it is difficult to respect a person if we do not agree with their life choices. For instance, nurses are expected to show the same compassion to a criminal and a person who is not a criminal. Therefore, the provision significantly influences my nursing career because I must show the same measure of respect to every person I interact with. Moreover, the other provision also has some great influence in my career because it is important for me to remember to take care of my personal health which is advocated in the provision.Nursing ErrorMedication errors is one of the common errors in the nursing practice. These errors can occur easily in the nursing environmental causing devastating effects to the health of the patients. Medication errors include prescribing wrong drugs to the wrong person, administering medicine via the wrong route, prescribing the wrong dose among others.Applications of the ANA ProvisionsThe ANA provides that a nurse should execute his or her duties with respect and compassion and this calls for ethics in the line of duty. Ethics means one should be careful to avoid some errors such as medication ones because in that way the specialist will gain respect from the clients.Leadership TraitsSome of the leadership which represent nursing excellent include commitment, compassion, advocate and accountability.Significance of the Leadership TraitsQuality leadership traits result in excellence in the nursing environment. When the nurse is taking care of an admitted patient, the professional must act like an advocate. As an advocate, the nurse is expected to hear, see and express what the patient requires. Therefore, when the nurse is the leader at the bedside he or she should show compassion and commitment. The role of a nurse in a team is crucial. The health specialist should show compassion through listening to other team members and providing appropriate feedback to their concerns.Work EnvironmentI am a special education nurse for a county school in my community. My working impacts me in several ways. For instance, my organization gives me the kind of help I require, and the tools I need to execute my duties. I act as a leader in the county school by describing my job requirements to them.Decision making is one of the crucial aspects of nurses. In the working environment, I am the only person who makes decision concerning the needs of the clients. I communicate with the patients and their parents to get feedback on how they are progressing with their conditions. My organization has greatly assisted me in terms of professional development. For example, in one of the instances, my manager advised concerning WGU’s program, and paid me tuition fees for me to advance my knowledge concerning the same.

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