“Strong and Response 2 “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”

Published: 2021-07-06 23:09:45
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Competing games for children aged between 6 to 12 years might expose them to risk of getting affected psychologically or physically in development of their growth and thus providing wrong perceptive towards the games. As Statsky argues in her article “Children Need to Play, Not Compete” shows that the expectations of winning always and fears of being injured or hurt in most cases it might discourage them from playing or depress them. It is also clear that competing in children sports might be considered as a counterproductive as most of the players are eliminated even before they have prepared adequately to contest. Even though injury cases are rare, children are not physically prepared to overcome the crashes. However, as competitions involve much pressure, children unconsciousness makes them focus only on winning and forget about playing for fun or fitness. Although this thought of winning is more important for motivating them to success, its implementation can be a drive to bad effects. This occurs in cases where the kids have enough body capabilities but are not mentally determined on how to handle the pressures. For this reason, children should be encouraged to concentrate on sports for developments of their teamwork skills, fitness, and coordination as this can help them focus towards a future which will enable them become good competitors.Competitions organized and conducted to children aged between 6 to 12years might be harmful to their mentality. This means that guardians and coaches who place their desires in children wining might enhance them become depressed and discouraged as their psychological and physical developments are inappropriate to compete on (Statsky, 2010). Although the chances of getting hurt are quite minimal, the fears of getting hurt might make the youngsters overreact through simulation of fake incidents. This includes inducing themselves to a situation such as vomiting in order to convince the coaches or parents that they are not feeling well thus they cannot play but in the real sense, they are just fearing the game (Statsky, 2010). A statement according to Martin who is a former New York Times sports editor says that kids are supposed to enjoy playing sports rather than playing them for awards. However, it is really hard to notice any smiles on their faces as in these cases they play the sports as if it is their jobs. Sports competition structured for children should be designed to ensure that all kids acquire knowledge, socialize with each other and have fun. Therefore, any kind of designed activity for children which involves a lot of pressure children should be trained and advised to play them only for fun and maintaining body fitness.ReferencesStatsky, J. (2010, July 9). Children need to play, not compete. Retrieved from http://www.redwoods.edu/instruct/jjohnston/english1a/readings/statsky.pdf

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