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Published: 2021-07-06 23:04:20
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Learning is the process to gain knowledge about something. Any person could learn just by practicing, studying or experiencing something specific which taught with the aim of learning. Student learning outcomes are designed in a way which shows the benefits of a particular topic or area to the student. It includes the best learning methods, strategies, and techniques which lead to the achievement of gaining knowledge and information. Reading is one of the best learning outcomes for the students. Reading is the most amazing and beautiful thing to carry or make a habit of life. Reading opens the minds of humans and gives them knowledge about the world. Reading is a great habit and gives the reader an incredible experience of learning. Reading is the best learning habit which is a great opportunity towards gaining the knowledge and information.In the paper of “how I learned the power of writing” by Richard Bullock shows the effectiveness and importance of reading. The writers tell to the audience about the habit of reading which leads to the efficient learning experience. The author developed the habit of reading when he was a child, and his old grandmother helped him to make this a lifetime habit. The author explains that reading leads to success and accomplishment in life also gives the enormous bundles of knowledge and information. The grandmother of the author wants to make him a successful college graduate, so she helped him to make and improve the habit of reading which she considers would lead him to success. She read him the books and stories again and again just to show its importance. That is why he developed the habit of learning at a very young age and started learning the newspapers. He completed his graduation and revealed that his grandmother was right about the importance of reading.In the schools, educational institutes and colleges, teachers and educators help the students to make a habit of reading. The reason behind it is that it is an excellent way to learning and experiencing the way of learning. Students learning outcomes always involve the reading of the material, topic, or the related documents just to enhance and improve the skills of the students and nourish their learning’s. Reading is a great way to success and accomplishment which also enlightens the lives of people with excellent and valuable knowledge. The habit of reading mostly needs someone to motivate the child and proper guidance of any individual. Once the habit is developed, then it opens the vast oceans of knowledge and information. The habit always increases the awareness of the person and makes it more and more efficient also improve the skills and expertise. Reading develops the mind of humans, and it is a consistent process which lasts throughout the life.Many children who are unable to develop the habit of reading, face many difficulties in their lives regarding the learning. Children or students who face learning difficulties and language problems mainly have the problems of poor reading abilities and skills. Proficient readers are the ones who quickly understand the things even severe problems just because of their great habit to read and learn from it. Reading is also beneficial to develop and improve the mind and imagination of a child. Children who are efficient in reading are the ones who learn their or any other language quickly and efficiently. Reading not only makes a person success but also it gives many ways to learning the new things and enhancing and improving the knowledge of a person.ReferencesBollock, R., & Goggin, M. D. (2005). How I learned the power of writing. New York: William Warder Norton and Company

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