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Published: 2021-07-06 23:15:54
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Many poets are the ones who are more attracted towards the natural sceneries and natural environment as compare to anything else. Nature is an important element of earth and poets use the nature in their poetry to admire the beauty of nature. In the selected piece of the poem named “Sunset” by Tu Fu, the main theme of the poem is based on the beauty of a sunset. Sunset is a process of nature in which every day the sun rises and sets in a particular manner. The beautiful aspect of sunset is that it is a very mesmerizing time or moment that attracts everyone towards it. Tu Fu aimed to picture the beauty of the sunset, by providing its important features and glimpse that attracts the attention of the audience.The poet wants to portray the imagery of sunset and different moments that arise during the time of sunset. He added many different features of sunset including the natural elements such as birds, flowers, scents, valleys, insects, and natural scent of the gardens. The scene of sunset is the last element of a day and ends the day with its beautiful charm. The sunset is the last part of a day that changes a day into the night. Whenever the sun sets in the west, the night arrived and the day end. Tu fu wanted to portray this beautiful time of sunset in his poem to show the audience about his interest in nature as well as his admiration towards nature. The poet targets the rural and bucolic aspects, and he added several features of natural beauty to link it with his sunset representation.The poet wanted to depict his attachment towards nature and with this beautiful pattern of the sunset that arrived daily in the world. According to his perspective, the end of the day with sunset pattern is filled with sensation. The elements used by the author including “Sunset glitters on the beads / Of the curtains;” We see “Spring flowers / Bloom in the valley;” and we smell the “perfume” of the gardens, are some elements that show the clear attachment of poet towards the natural beauty of sunset and its surrounding environment. The strong words are used by the author to depict the real imagery of the action verbs. According to Tu Fu, “We have beads that “glitter,” see flowers that “Bloom.” It shows that the poet is quite simple to express his emotions towards the natural beauty of nature. The blooming flowers are the ones that are an important aspect of sunset, and at the time of sunset, these blooming flowers start their journey towards sleep. The flowers, gardens, birds and other important elements of nature end their journey in the evening when the sun sets in the west. It is considered as the last thing or an alarm that spread the message that the day has ended and now it is the time of night.Tu Fu consistently praises the beauty of the sunset and linked it with small other things such as birds. For the birds, the sunset is an alarm that reminds them to move back towards their nests and homes so that they could enjoy a good night sleep as most birds are not able to see in the dark. So sunset helps the most species that it is time they should return towards their homes. Tu Fu states that “Smoke of cooking / Fires drifts over the slow barges.” It simply refers to the fact that at the time of sunset people start making their dinner on the fire and working to cook their food to eat it at night. The day ends, but the humans have to take dinner at night, so they have to prepare their meals after the sunset.Moreover, the poet stated that “Sparrows hop and tumble” and “Whirling insects / Swarm…” that shows that the birds and insects are doing their routine activities. The insects are the ones which hum and buzz in the air, and at sunset, each of the animals, insects, and birds starts their journey towards their homes and towards their families. At night, people prepare their food for dinner, birds and insects are busy in their work all day long, but take rest at night after sunset. All these works are indicating the pattern of sunset.The poem is simply written and based on the pattern of the sunset that reminds the poet about the sensational time of a day. Tu Fu aimed to picture the beauty of the sunset, by providing its essential features and glimpse that attracts the attention of the audience. He added a different glimpse of sunset and included several other natural elements such as spring flowers, gardens, rivers, and perfumes, the smoke of cooking, sparrows, branches and one cup of concentrated wine. Tu Fu added the valuable natural elements to attract the attention of the audience and show his interest in the all natural elements that are added in the poem. The poem is a complete reflection of the beautiful time of sunset at which the birds return to their home after their long day journey, and humans start to make food for their dinner at night. The sunset is the last part of the day, and it is a clear indication of the fact that the day has ended and the night arrived.Works Cited“Sunset – Tu Fu.” N.p., 2018. Web. 13 Apr. 2018.

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