Sustainable Sanitary Napkins

Published: 2021-07-06 06:27:43
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Despite the fact that sanitary napkins are being used at the extensive level all around the world, the options that are available these days are far from sustainable if one talks about the long term development of the women health. Especially if one talk about the way things is going on in the developing countries, there is a need to make sure that the more sustainable options must be available if one talk about the way usage of the sustainability napkins is supposed to be carried out. As per some estimates, about 16,000 pads or tampons are used during the course of the women lifecycle. It means it is an industry worth just about $ 718 million. The problem is that they also constitute about 6 % of the ocean waste produced across the world. To make sure that this problem is being taken care of, there are ranges of alternatives that are available in the market. It has to be noted that despite the fact that improvement has been made into the model of plastic that is being used or change in the design, for instance using the more decomposable version of plastic, the problem is still witnessed these days. To make sure that the more sustainable options is provided to the people, these days a new alternative has emerged. The alternative has emerged in the Indian market is that the compostable sanitary napkin. These pads can be mixed with some of the other decaying material. For instance, they are readily mixed in leaves and the food waste. The result is that during 90 to 180 days, they are completely disintegrated into the environment. There is no toxicity that is left behind. These sanitary pads can be used at the global level to make sure that the major pollutant can be disposed off. It would also go a long way towards resolving some of the urban disposal issues commonly witnessed these days.

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